The Best (and Worst) of the Blonde Bombshells

Fri Dec 7, 2012
Oddball Film + Video
8 pm
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Oddball Films presents The Best (And Worst) of the Blonde Bombshells, a program celebrating our favorite smoldering, cheeky, entertaining blondes from the Golden Age of Hollywood. With rare, bizarre and hilarious clips, excerpts, musical numbers and burlesque performances, you'll be sure to have more fun with these blondes! The Art of Film: The Love Goddesses (1965) chronicles the rise of the woman as a cinematic sex symbol with clips and commentary about our favorite blondes and some noteworthy brunettes that made the big screen sizzle. There's a double-dose of of the funny and fabulous Mae West, in the marvelous I'm No Angel (1933) where she plays a bold and brassy lion-tamer at the Circus (even putting her head inside a lion's mouth!) and small screen oddity Mae West Meets Mister Ed (1964) in which Mae West, playing herself, asks Wilbur to come on up and redesign her stables sometime. Sultry German vixen Marlene Dietrich belts out a song before brawling with the boys in a rowdy saloon in an action-packed excerpt from Destry Rides Again (1939). Jayne Mansfield knocks Mickey Rooney speechless at the 1958 Golden Globe Awards in a hilarious vintage Kinetoscope recording. Zsa Zsa Gabor cashes in on the Workout Tape craze and does pushups on half-naked beefcakes in It's Simple Darling! (1993). We've also got burlesque blondes including The Fabulous Cat Girl (1954), several swinging sixties Scopitones, the tantalizing trailer for The Seven Year Itch, plus Vintage Hair Commercials and so much more!

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