The 420 Games

Progressive, Responsible Individuals for Marijuana Education

Sat Sep 13, 2014
Golden Gate Park
8am to 1pm
$42 - $60
Medical Marijuana, Running, Sports & Recreation, Health & Wellness


"Be Active And Help Forge A New Ooutlook On Marijuana"

Come out to our inaugural event, a 5K fun/run and walk starting and finishing at the iconic Golden Gate Park Bandshell. After the race all participants will be treated to two hours of beer from Lagunitas and a concert from Zeparella. This event is one you won't want to miss!

Established to set a standard of ethics and protocol for the responsible use of Marijuana.
We are equally focused on the prevention of under-age use and treatment for those
unable to use Marijuana in a positive manner.
The 420 Games does not advocate that everyone should use marijuana. We are focused on teaching those who choose to do so how to be responsible. We are equally focused on education and prevention for those who should not use marijuana, most importantly minors. We do not endorse the illegal or irresponsible use of marijuana.

"The 420 Games participants are not 'stoners'. While many of us use marijuana, some of us do not use it at all. Our events are NOT 'smoke ins'. If you choose to use marijuana before, during or after our events, please make sure to do so discretely, legally and respectfully. All of us are responsible people who want to change the outlook on marijuana use. We hope you feel our mission and want to join the cause."
Jim McAlpine, Founder of the PRIME Foundation.

The 420 Games are put on by the PRIME organization. PRIME is dedicated to the destigmatization of the people who responsibly use marijuana. Through a series of active lifestyle events, The 420 Games and PRIME will work to break down the stereotypes that have been built up during the era of marijuana prohibition. As marijuana (THC) becomes legal, the stigma that comes with it will unfortunately still resonantly be there. The 420 Games and PRIME's goal is to eradicate the false stereotypes that hinder millions of successful and motivates people and to propagate the choice and ability to responsibly use THC as a supplement without judgement.

All events cost $60 to enter and include breakfast, race entry, Lagunitas beer, Zeparella concert, and a limited commerative shirt. See below for events, dates and locations. If you live in a city or area that you'd like to see added, please email us at

Event Series

SF - Golden Gate Park Bandshell - Sept 13 (5K fun run/walk)
San Jose - TBA (5K/10K fun run/walk)
Walnut Creek - TBA (Mt Bike course)
Marin - TBA (Road Bike course)
Santa Rose - TBA (5k/10k fun run/walk)
Sacramento - TBA (Marijuana Olympics Challenge)
More cities being added soon!...

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  1. Golden Gate Park
    Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA