TASO's OFF TOP EP Release Party

Thu Feb 21, 2013
F8 | 1192 Folsom
10:00PM - 2:00AM
$8 - $10
Hip Hop, Music


✞✞✞This is a very special night for Beat Church, as we are graced with the opportunity to be the official release party for TASO's new EP, due to come out on 2/19 on Muti Music. We will be filming a promo video for Taso's upcoming heavy hitting track. We also have the honor of bringing DOV out, renowned founder of record label Muti Music, and DJUNYA, one of Bay Area most beloved producer! ✞✞✞✞✞✞✞

☢☢☢☢☢ HOST: Resek (MTA) ☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢

This night features:

♆♆♆ TASO (Off Top, Muti, Teklife) ♆♆♆

The OFF TOP EP is a futuristic fusion of Trap and Juke that Taso spend precious hours in the lab conjuring. It is some of the most forward thinking music of our time, at the turning point of emerging new genres. Its got all the signature Taso bits, from tailor made bass laced with banging kicks to smooth hitting hi hats and fine tuned snare rolls, making this album a highly stylized piece.

Taso has made quite a name for himself recently in the Bay Area's Hip Hop & EDM scene. With DJ, mixtape, and blog supports coming from some of the biggest names in the industry, along with chart topping, highly coveted tunes on Beatport, this is definitely an artist to pay very close attention to. His recent releases have been the highlight of some of the best parties on a global level, making his 100%, all original DJ sets incredibly sought after.

There is jazz buried between the crevasses of Taso's music, and his work resounds with a feeling of distinct street beat crossed with the substance of technical virtuosity. His sounds are trunk-busting, slow rhyme inducing, pop-and-lock, deep, West Coast breaks with a hint at elements of Dubstep. In a flash, Taso's use of synths, samples and drums proves as razor sharp as any contender in the big bass alleyway of top ten lists across the EDM globe. You will always find the crowd shouting and singing to Taso's beats at his shows, while he raps on the mic and cuts it up on the 1s and 2s.

In 2012, Taso was asked to join and represent Teklife (Ghetto Teknitianz, founders of Juke and Footwerk) and is the only member representing this notorious crew on the West Coast. Recently, he released an official Cutty Ranks Remix alongside Djunya and is also having a major single coming out on Play Me Records, featuring a remix by NastyNasty. He is currently working on an official remix for Masia One featuring the Rza of Wu-Tang (due to be released on Muti), as well as one for Iamsu and Wiz Khalifa for clubtapes.com & livemixtapes.com. Back when he was more involved in the production of Dubstep, Taso released a full length album, "Galactive Booty Call", in May 2012, which went to #9 in the top 100 albums on the Dubstep Charts for Beatport and #34 on the overall albums as well as #2 on the Glitch Hop top 100's.

Having spent the greater portion of his life crafting a musical identity from his unearthly passion for big bass and brining people together for an insanely good time, Taso never fails to deliver only the most top notch performances. With recent exposures such as a feature on Trap-A-Holics Certified Trap Vol. 2, and plays on Berlin's BLN.FM, this is one boss young gun to be on the lookout for :)


ϟϟϟϟ DJUNYA (LoDubs) ϟϟϟϟ

Joseph .Jr, also known as, Djunya, has an eclectic producer focusing on all types of Bass music. Djunya passionately started composing his music at a very young age. He continued to pursue his love for all types of music by studying African percussion and keyboards. Over the years, Joseph has played with various live bands and worked on dub/beat projects across the western United States. He then began to DJ Drum and Bass heavily in 1999 and was quickly noticed for his ability o program and cut mixes. His producing skills have been captivating listeners for over a decade, and he has continued to move dance floors DJ'ing his Dubbed-out blend of bass heavy beats.

Djunya has been noticed internationally for DJ'ing sets on various internet & FM radio stations. He has also performed at various Music & Film Festivals including Sundance, Slandance, Musefest, Versus, Ultra Music Festival, Viram Vs FSOB, Lunadance, Sonic Bloom, Burning Man, Bobolink, Get Freaky, Symbiosis Gathering, Dub_O_Cracy, Lovefest, H. E. N. C. H., Superdubpressure, FreakCamp, SMOG Sessions, Pure Filth, Heavyweight, Sub. Mission, Bassic, Bass Goes Boom, Fire, Shift, and X-Dance.

Djunya's live mixes and sound productions cover the spectrums of deep moody basslines to etheric atmospheres. His influences range from Reggae, Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, and 2-step. Djunya's sound palette is ever expanding as he continues to work with artists, producers, and traditional musicians. His music has been featured on short films, websites, animations, and documentaries. He is currently working on collaborations, remixes and debut LP.


☮☮☮☮DOV (Muti)☮☮☮☮

Dov is the main man behind Muti Music, a true selector at heart, he is known for his energetic sets that delve as hard into a tranquil interlude as they do into baseline drops and glitches out frenzies. The sounds to be expected from Dov are always elevated and emotional, whether downtempo or peak time uptempo in super-clubs, his diversity and experience have prepared him to be the best at the job. His performance represents all the young producers coming out on his Muti Music imprint. He produces everything from Dubstep to various downtempo, midtempo and uptempo Breaks and also receiving accolades for collaborations with An-ten-nae and ill.Gates.
He has been on high profile gigs globally, some of which include Burning Man, Village Stage Shambala (Canada), Trigger (UK), Shine On (Australia), Deliverence (Australia), Raindance (San Francisco), Get Freaky (San Francisco) and a plethora of outdoor summer festivals.

Being the stable that he is as a SF music boss, Dov founded Muti Music, manages Cyberset Music, Fusion Festival and monthlies, Eyephunk, “ig-nite”, Radio-v, Digital Be-In, Subalicious, Shattered, Music without Borders and multiple one-offs.


NAPSTY (Trap City, Trap SF)

Napsty likes bass music. You might find him up in the club, sippin' on some drank, or actin' a fool dropping' bomb ass beats. Napsty does not enjoy long walks on the beach or elsewhere. If you see him in the street, holler.

Recently the rising star of SF's own Trap City, Napsty is catching the momentum and propelling forward into producing and releasing his EDM collection. He doesn't just get you turnt up with the best selection of Trap, he will get your booty sweatin' on the dance floor while you pop, lock and drop it.

Teaming up with WOLFBITCH at this installment of Beat Church as DRIPPY BITCH.


SKULLTRANE (MalLabel, Cutty Dubs)


SMASHEL & THE PIRATE (Beat Church, MalLabel)



POPPA DOSES (Full Melt, Betamorph)

Originally from the East Coast, this multi talented producer, DJ, singer/song writer who also plays a plethora of instruments is not afraid to challenge the boundaries in the music he is passionate about. Having been producing for only a couple of years, Chris .aka. Poppa Doses, is on the verge of finding his seamless weaving in and out of Dubstep, experimental Bass music and borderline Trap. From the darker, laser vibes to the sexier, purple, dubby sounds, Chris seems to have found just where he belongs in the music world. His sets cover a spectrum of sounds that will get you moving.

This year, Poppa Doses will be releasing his work on Full Melt Recordings, Betamorph, Mallabel, and Foundation Channel. Keep your ears up for his beats!


WOLFBITCH (Off Top, Beat Church)


★★KERI-ANN and GABRIELA (Juicy Entertainment)★★

Located throughout the country, each member of the Juicy dance crew was hand selected by CEO + Founder Ka


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