INdTV presents

"Take Back Your TV" Make Your Voice Heard

Live Performances hosted by Mos Def

Mon Apr 4, 2005
Across from SBC Park
6pm - 8:30pm
Benefit, City, Hip Hop, Music


We are INdTV, a new, independent cable TV network based here in San Francisco.

On April 4 at 6:30 p.m., we're holding a pre-launch celebration in the street across from SBC Park. Hosted by Mos Def with live performances from Michael Franti & Spearhead plus Goepele, the Crown City Rockers and spoken word from Youth Speaks poets.

Bring a DV cam, bring a digital camera, bring a camera phone, or just bring your friends. Let's see what happens.


  1. Across from SBC Park
    -, San Francisco, CA