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Is your teen having trouble controlling emotions? Is parenting your teen unrelenting, frustrating and harder than you thought? Does it seem as if you are on a never-ending rollercoaster? Isnít it time to feel in control again?
If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. You deserve to feel good about creating the family life and values you desire. Sometimes, we need a little help to find ways to handle crises and solve problems. If you'd like a little help with your teen or family, I'd love to hear from you.
You may not have caused the upheaval in your home right now, but you CAN manage the situation. I have helped many teens label and manage their emotions, trust their responses, interact effectively, and tolerate distressing feelings and situations.
I am trained as a DBT Therapist and have worked with many teenagers in tough situations where managing emotions is challenging.
I also offer art therapy - NO, you don't have to have talent! as another vehicle for understanding.