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Surya Dub

Sat Sep 27, 2008
Club Six - CLOSED
9PM - 3AM
$10 - $18
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Maneesh the Twister Presents:
Surya Dub
Ambassadors of Dread Bass
Uniting All Dubwize Sounds

Limited Adv at

The time has come for one of the most highly anticipated shows to hit San Francisco. Surya Dub, SF Guardian’s Best of the Bay for “Best Ambassadors of Dread Bass,” welcomes none other than The Bug alongside Warrior Queen hot off his new release “London Zoo” on Ninja Tune Recordings. The Bug has spanned the range from heavy dubwize production to noise and metal as part of Techno Animal/Godflesh but has found his place as a leading voice in the Dubstep and bass crunk communities. Also for this special performance the elusive and extraordinary Warrior Queen debuts in SF with her electrifying presence which is sure to blow up the spot. The eclectic int’l Maga Bo who recently released Archipelagoes on Soot Records, packs a slammin palette of beats spanning the globe and brings a wicked live set. Local fav and selectress Daneekah rounds out the vibes with top ranking roots and dancehall to keep ya winding and bouncing all night long. We’ve got special limited advance tix so don’t sleep on this one of a kind event! BOOM!

Special Guests
The BUG & Warrior Queen (Ninja Tune, Reflex, Soul Jazz, Hyperdub)
The BUG is the current state of mutation for rogue producer Kevin Martin, and his projects current association with Dubstep is just a small detail in the greater lineage of his career, as his sound defies easy categorization and has been increasing in mass and imagination with each and every new decibel pumped recording.

The Bug first came to be in 1997, when Kevin collaborated with DJ Vadim on ‘Tapping The Conversation.’ From 2001-2004 The Bug teamed up with UK dub veteran The Rootsman for a series of singles under the name Razor X Productions. The early productions of which would frame the template for the first proper Bug full length, 2003’s ‘Pressure’. The Razor X material was some of Kevin’s first foray’s into what would become a signature head-sheering apocalyptic dancehall production style. This was continued on ‘Pressure’ but also with an ear to balancing out the sound with headier dubs. Classic dancehall M.C Daddy Freddy was brought in, New Flesh’s Toastie Taylor, along with The Rootsman, Roger Robinson, Paul St. Hilaire (aka Tikiman), Wayne Lonesome, and more…

Steve Goodman, aka. Kode 9, interviewed the Bug for xlr8r a few years back and found they had many common interests with a new crop of producers in London that he was hanging out with that were revolving around the Fwd Club at Plastic People. Discovering that these people shared the same hunger for bass, space, and unaligned sonic trajectories, The Bug felt right at home alongside Loefah, Digital Mystikz, Skream, etc… Through his work with Wayne Lonesome, Kevin was turned on to the work of Warrior Queen. Instantly blown away by her delivery he made contact and the ensuing releases ‘Aktion Pak’ (Rephlex) and ‘Money Honey’ (under the moniker ‘Pressure’ which was released on Kode 9’s Hyperdub label) further shaped the musical direction of The Bug. The final piece of the new incarnation of The Bug came about when Kevin was booked for a Mary Anne Hobbs session of BBC Radio 1’s Breezeblock.

Martin has produced with many and under a slew of aliases such as Techno Animal/Ice/God (with Justin Broadrick of Godflesh/Jesu), King Midas Sound, Razor X Productions (with The Rootsman & various M.C’s), Pressure, Ladybug, the man behind Pathological Records, compiler of various compilations for Virgin Records (Macro Dub Infection, Jazz Satellites), production work/collaborations with noise-jazz outfit 16-17, Pete “Sonic Boom” Kemper’s E.A.R projects, John Zorn, Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), El-P, and Anti Pop Consortium, to name just a few. Bass booming remixes for Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Primal Scream, Einsturzende Neubauten, Stina Nordenstam, Dalek, etc. A discography spanning labels as diverse as Ninja Tune, Virgin, Rephlex, Position Chrome/Mille Plateaux, Word Sound, Hyperdub, City Slang, Tigerbeat 6, Grand Royal… all of which shouts loud that Kevin Martin is a credible sonic survivalist and not some come lately producer.

All these connections became the starting point for ‘London Zoo’, the Bug’s latest album on Ninja Tune. Utilizing the aforementioned vocalists, along with UK reggae legend Tippa Irie, it’s a record grown out of the heart of London sound-system culture and multi-cultural meltdown. A record that although will be undoubtedly referenced to the dubstep scene will also redefine and stand on its own as a celebration of the capitals urban cultural clash, uniquely detonating dancehall, grime, hip-hop, and noise onslaughts. If any further proof is needed look no further then the reaction to the first three records lifted from London Zoo… ‘Jah War’, ‘Skeng’ (released on Kode 9’s Hyperdub), and ‘ Poison Dart’. This will be a show not to be missed!

Maga Bo (Soot Records, Rio De Janeiro) is a DJ/producer working with an international collision of styles, sounds, location recordings from all continents and beats that have yet to be classified. A study in the digital contortions of hip hop, ragga, breakbeat and jungle drum n bass, his sound is a divine mashup of batucada, rai, capoeira, bhangra, and skewed electronic beats in a borderless conundrum of gritty street sounds, found and modified rhythms and melodies from Brazil, Morocco, Senegal, India and beyond. DJing and producing tracks with a portable laptop studio, he has worked and performed in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America. Having released music on Tru-Thoughts, WordSound, AudioPharm and MELT 2000, he has collaborated with Dr. Das (ex-Asian Dub Foundation), Filastine, Bass Nectar, JahDan Blakkamore, Dub Gabriel and Ghislain Poirier. His new album, "Archipelagoes," is now available on Soot Records.

Daneekah (Cooyhah!, Miss Trees Hi-Fi ) Of Australian origin, Daneekah's dj career began in Melbourne, Australia in summer of 2003. Alongside fellow San Francisco dj Stepwise, AKA Andres Octavio, she began tag-teaming at various reggae and dancehall nights. This immediately led to other gigs, and was soon followed by 2 other weekly residencies in a country where reggae and dancehall audiences were small but quickly growing, in true underground style. Daneekah went on to perform numerous times with well known Melbourne crews Chantdown Sound and Ghetto Fabulous, whilst also appearing on Melbourne radio shows RRR and PBS. In early 2004, she released her first mixtape, entitled "Dancehall Queens". This reggae and dancehall mix was 100% female artists, a refreshing change to a genre almost entirely dominated by men. March 2006 saw the release of another mixtape, "Dancehall 101", a mix of old and new dancehall mashed with hip hop riddims. This mix is available for free download at, After travelling to Jamaica in 2006, Daneekah started her collection of dubplates for her soundsystem, Miss Trees Hi-Fi. Although a big fan of the roots and culture, Daneekah consistently delivers the best of old to the new dancehall. Daneekah can be found every Wednesday at her ever expanding weekly event, "Coo-Yah" at Brunos, San Francisco, performing alongside names such as Norrisman, Al Pancho, Rocker-T, Khari Kill, Million Stylez and I-Sasha. She has also opened for the likes of Israel Vibration, Pato Banton, Junior Reid, Delly Ranx, Mad Professor and Dezarie. Her current focus is making remixes, collaborating with other female dj's and emcees and networking nationwide to help spread the positive musical message. Big tings a gwaan....

Sub Hz Den
Dubstep, Dread Bass Breaks & D'n'B, Ragga
Special Guests The Bug & Warrior Queen (Ninja Tune, Reflex, Soul Jazz, Hyperdub, London) , Maga Bo (Soot Records, Rio De Janeiro)

Plus Residents:
Maneesh the Twister (Surya Dub, Dhamaal, Dub Mission – Best Club DJ SF G n u ard i a, Kid Kameleon (xlr8r, Surya Dub), Kush Arora (live Dubwize set - KAP, Surya Dub) , Ripley (havoc sound, Surya Dub)
Visuals by CONTACT (Surya Dub)

Inna Yard
Reggae, Dancehall, Bhangra, Global Beats
Special Guest Daneekah (Cooyhah!, Miss Trees Hi-Fi )
Plus Residents:
Jimmy Love (Non Stop Bhangra, Surya Dub), DJ Amar (Electric Vardo, Surya Dub)

Price Limited adv tix & discount at
$10 adv
$15 b4 11pm
$18 door
Time 9pm-3am
Music Dubstep, Dread Bass Breaks & D'n'B, Ragga, Reggae, Dancehall, Bhangra, Global Beats

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