Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums with Ms. Carmen Getit

Fri Apr 7, 2006
Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center
9:30 pm


The Rhumba Bums have been one of the West Coast's most popular, to say nothing of most entertaining and fun bands since composer-pianist-leader Steve Lucky assembled the band back in '94 in the early days of the swing dance revival. The Rhumba Bums continue to play and sing just about the most irresistible dance tunes extant. They mix some well-known '40s and '50s jump blues and swing charts with rare and nearly-forgotten gems that deserve to be resurrected. The band's trump card is singer-guitarist Miss Carmen Getit, who offers vocal sparring matches with Lucky, and her guitar playing, whether swing, blues, or even some bebop licks, is inspired, fast and faithful to the genre. In pre-Rhumba Bums years Lucky discovered Getit (who had played piano before she could read and has played guitar since shortly thereafter), bought Getit her first electric guitar, introduced her to the music of T-Bone Walker, Ruth Brown and other swing-R&B legends, and they formed a piano-guitar duo in New Yor


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