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Sports & Recreation
By Cliff Samaniego (Aug 18, 2003)
As the hot air of the inland valley merges with the cool coastal winds, magic happens for many San Francisco kite enthusiasts. Winds sweep across Ocean Beach and the Marina Green and set the stage for a visual playground. Kites leisurely billow in the air. Like kids induced by a sugar coated high, you'll find kite flyers looking to the sky in wide-eyed excitement. More
Sports & Recreation
A Shore Thing
By grace chen (Jun 21, 2003)
This summer's biggest trend is riding high and generating a swell of fashions that rock from land to sea. Surfesque wear has taken off from the territorial surfing communities to Old Navy nationwide, and alas, to the high fashion design houses of Paris. People everywhere are awash with tropical prints, color graphics and wet suit fabrics. More
Sports & Recreation
Where to get a used bicycle in San Francisco
By SFS Staff (Jan 21, 2003)
For those who don't know a Huffy from a headset, buying a used bike can be as daunting as buying a used car. You have your choice of road, cross, cruiser, mountain or hybrid bike. Do you want flat, Maes, or mustache handlebars? Center pull, side pull or V-brakes? Knobby, slick, racing, or touring tires in size 18, 23, 28 or 32? And more importantly, what size frame do you need - 18" or 57 cm? And is that frame measurement center-to-center or center-to-top? More
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