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Sports & Recreation
Cleaning Out the Mind's Cobwebs
By Nirmala Nataraj (Jan 7, 2005)
It's no surprise that San Francisco is a meditation cloud nine of sorts. Since the mid-sixties, when Buddhist meditation became popularized in the Bay Area, the practice of sitting with oneself and emptying the mind of all thoughts has mushroomed into hundreds of meditation centers -- more than a few, and most likely within walking distance of you. Whether you're interested in opening portals to spiritual awareness or just getting a few moments of peace and quiet, the following offerings will lead you into a personal nirvana away from the bustle of it all. More
Sports & Recreation
Two-For-Me, One-For-You
By grace chen (Dec 17, 2004)
That spirit of gift giving sometimes gets a bit dangerous. It can happen when you're shopping for someone and you see something that you like for yourself. There's no need to feel guilty about it. After all, we need to boost our gross domestic product.

Yes there are plenty of opportunities for rewarding others (and ourselves for being so altruistic) during these times of hedonistic holiday-ism. More
Sports & Recreation
An Oasis of Urban Wellness
By Nirmala Nataraj (Nov 19, 2004)
The Lower Haight's celebrated Sacred Space Healing Center, a holistic retreat space that specializes in holistic health needs, is more than game for the challenge of wringing out your toxins and making you fully aware of the many ways in which you'd benefit from one of their intense cleansing programs. More
Sports & Recreation
They got game
By Amy Sherman (Oct 29, 2004)
What are life's greatest pleasures? Wine, food, chocolate and sex are, for a start. South of Market based SmartsCo entrepreneurs Jennifer Elias and Julie Tucker have produced four question and answer games based on these pleasures that are as much fun for the dilettante as the expert. Written by "passionate novices" the sets of cards with roughly 100 questions each, also serve as a tutorial for anyone wanting to learn the essentials on a given topic. More
Sports & Recreation
By Nirmala Nataraj (Oct 14, 2004)
As soon as you walk into the Mission district's Scarlet Sage Herb Co, you're met with a torrent of aromas, colors, and other curiosities that trigger the senses and provide a pleasant stopover for unsuspecting window shoppers. A veritable mecca of alternative healing, Scarlet Sage is crammed with books, aromatherapy tools, oils, talismans, trinkets, and herbs. More
Sports & Recreation
Free Flowing Environment with a Full Body/Soul Experience
By Nirmala Nataraj (Sep 10, 2004)
Editorial Note: One Taste Urban Retreat Center no longer provides spa or massage type services.


One Taste's upstairs lounge area is packed with a dozen Bay Area massage therapists and a slew of customers who are eagerly waiting to sample a sumptuous array of massage styles, from reiki to traditional deep tissue. At first, it's an odd semblance of a massage studio. With people lounging on velvet cushions and yoga mats, there isn't a clear line of people for the massage therapists, who seem to be going in 10-15 minute spates. More
Sports & Recreation
An Exercise in Style and Motion
By Nirmala Nataraj (Aug 19, 2004)
If you think shopping for women's clothing is an insurmountable task, try shopping for women's fitness clothing. Given the fashion industry's penchant for turning a blind eye to the scores of women's bodies that belie the unconventional svelteness of a Christy Turlington (who has her own line of fitness clothing, might I add) or a Nicole Kidman, it's refreshing that a place like See Jane Run Sports exists. More
Sports & Recreation
By Lisa Butterworth (Aug 19, 2004)
It seems as though everyone's taking a ride on the yoga train these days. Rodney Yee is nearly a household name, celebrities, like Madonna and Sting, swear by it, even my skeptical boyfriend has a Yoga for Dummies DVD. As the ancient practice for self-awareness gains ever-increasing popularity, the places and ways to practice grow in numbers as well. Yoga means something different to each person and whether it's a spiritual journey, a designated chill-out time necessary for your sanity or simply a strengthening and energizing workout, San Francisco is the place to find the studio that fits your needs... More
Sports & Recreation
Get into Gear for Beach Weather
By Gloria Tai (Aug 19, 2004)
The temperature is rising. The sun is bursting. It's time to don flip-flops, shorts, and break out the SPF30. But first and foremost, the bathing suit. Only which to wear? Whether your style is sassy, sexy, or prim and proper, finding just the right suit is essential. With the innumerable options out there this season, you're bound to find the perfect one, or the select few that will fit like a glove and make you the sunbathing beauty at the beach. More
Sports & Recreation
Creative Ways to Move This Summer
By Nirmala Nataraj (Aug 19, 2004)
With the subtle sting of almost-summer in San Francisco, there's a new buzz in the air. It's the kind of feeling that makes me thirsty for movement, that makes me desire the 2-3-4-lift of salsa dancing and bored with the uncoordinated languor of club land. Most people plan vacations to fairer climes around this time of year; I, on the other hand, pursue my obsession with dance classes. People haven't figured out why this takes place in seasonal spates; admittedly, it has more than a little to do with being painfully conscious of the unveiling of washboard abs and bikini legs... More
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