Soundpieces: Worthy, Sleepyhead

Tue Aug 14, 2012
10pm - 2am
Clubs, Music
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WORTHY (Dirty Bird)
SLEEPYHEAD (Brooklyn - SYMBOLS/Trouble & Bass/Embassy Recs)
COSMIC REVENGE (Pelican Fly/Frite Nite/Fortified/ Embassy/Symbols)
BGL (Soundpieces)

SOUNDPIECES is pleased to have taken over Tuesday Nights in the basement at Monarch to give you the sexiest possible bass heavy experience in San Francisco on Tuesdays!!

21+ (ID Required) Large Dancefloor Plush Seating Full Bar SF's Rated Best Sound System Top Shelf Selections Free Photo Booth

$5 10PM-2AM 101 Sixth Street @ Mission St SF

►WORTHY has produced a consistent slough of top releases. The release of Worthy & Yankee Zulus Concumbia charted in the Top 10 on Beatport for tech house in 2009. He also released various tracks and remixes on Discobelle Records. In the fall of 2011, Worthy teamed up with UK producer Eats Everything. Their first track, Tric Trac, released on Dirtybird received industry praise. Played by artists like Diplo, Boyz Noise, and Cats N Dogs, Tric Trac wildly grew in fan appeal moving on to become one of the Top 10 on Beatport for tech house once again. Additionally, Worthys simultaneous releases, No Cure and With This combine dirty ass-clapping breaks and gritty synths. The pinball effect of his intricate basslines traverse across the cavern of your ear canal moving inward and blowing your mind. Illustrating the diverse juxtaposition of his range and sound, his February 2012 release, Why You Waiting, on Alive Records, is like glassy water on a quiet morning sea, his beats & melodies mirroring each other, creating a melodic interface that warms the soul. As Worthy states I want to push my new sound, which is leaning more toward a breakbeat old-school vibe, but still want to keep with the fact that I play house and techno. My focus is to stay innovative and authentic and to continually reinvent myself as an artist.

►SLEEPYHEAD originally began making music in his hometown of Feeding Hills, MA in 1999. But not fully flexing his styles until his work with KnowSleep in 2006 with Knowa Knowone. The group had two releases to date. Later in 2007 he continued with solo production and a side project with Mimosa called Sexytime....Sleepyhead has recently progressed beyond earlier genres and takes on sound and continued with a multi genre, multi tempo texture bassed production and dj style ranging from Ghettotech, House, Tropical, Bmore etc.

►BOGL is a little bit of an anomaly. No matter what city you are in he might just be at the same party, right next to you. He states SF as his home base, but I'm pretty sure the BOGL spaceship is from parts unknown. After his sets last year, people were raving, literally! It was even likened to drunken Kung Fu, the way he bobbled around behind the decks seamlessly mixing the strangest tunes for what was to become some of the most diverse sets. BOGL is a guy that can't be pigeonholed. His sets and production always surprise and his sound is on the constant evolve tip. Don't try and understand this man, just show up with open ears, ready to hear something fresh!


  1. Monarch
    101 6th St., San Francisco, CA