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SORYA! A Minor Miracle

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Theatre of Yugen invites you to join us on our journey as we explore the meeting between the stories and songs of childhood experience and ancient Japanese cultural traditions. Come revisit a magical time when every road led onward...

The Dwarfs Are for the Dwarfs

Narnia is in a state of confusion and war. Duped into accepting an impostor - a donkey in lion's skin - as their lion-god Aslan, the Narnians have cut down their trees, depleted their wealth, and sunk into corruption. The dwarfs, in dismay at having been deceived by a false prophet, decide they will no longer take sides in the battle. Why try to fight for right, when it can turn out to be wrong after all? "The dwarfs are for the dwarfs," they declare, and retreat into a barn. There Lucy finds them, Lucy Queen of a Narnia in which the dwarfs no longer believe. Will her optimism restore their faith?

The Dwarfs Are for the Dwarfs is the first play of Greg Giovanni's A Minor Cycle and will be performed in the comical Kyogen style. Entertaining for children and thought-provoking for adults, it is based on an episode from C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia but is accessible even to those unfamiliar with that series.

St. Matthew's Fair

"She Moved Through the Fair" is one of the best known traditional Irish ballads, frequently performed and recorded by dozens of artists since its first publication in 1909. A man recalls the memory of his beloved moving through the color and bustle of a country fair after accepting his proposal of marriage. Since that moment of promise, he has seen her only in his dreams. Around this haunting song, often used as a children's lullaby, Greg Giovanni has woven the story of St. Matthew's Fair, a stunning evocation of youthful romance and the defining power of loss.

St. Matthew's Fair is the third play of A Minor Cycle, to be performed in the elegant NOH style with original music by James Ferner.

Boshibari (Tied to a Pole)

The Master needs to go to town on business and knows very well that, in his absence, his servants Taro and Jiro are likely to succumb to the temptation of the sake cask! So he decides to tie them up. He ties Taro's wrists to a long pole and Jiro's wrists behind his back, then leaves confidently on his errands.

Adults will chuckle and children will squeal with glee at the antics of Taro and Jiro, who soon realize that by working together, they can thwart their Master and get tipsy too.

Bo Shibari is a classic Kyogen farce, performed in English.

Musical interludes provided by Thingamajigs.


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