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Sun Nov 18, 2012
Former Yoshi's San Francisco Location - Now Closed
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Minnesota born Sony Holland is a performer with the talent and charisma that personifies the golden age of American music. As Richard Connema of Talking Broadway wrote, “Her calling cards are flawless phrasing, sultry tonality and bright energy. Her vocals shine on the slower and languorous ballads. She is the quintessential artist who keeps getting better and better...” Scott Yanow of the Los Angeles Jazz Scene adds, "One of the most talented jazz singers in town, Sony Holland has the potential to sing a wide variety of music and improvise creatively in every idiom. This continually evolving artist is well worth seeing live.”

Though many fans are initially drawn in by her classic beauty, they soon find that Sony is a very talented artist. Leaving behind her early classical vocal training, Sony began to find her own voice by singing on the streets of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. That led to countless festivals and nightclub performances across the U.S. and three extended tours of Asia. Along the way she has become a true band leader. “On the road you need to earn the respect of the musicians or you’ll never get the sound you want,” Sony confides. She has emerged as a distinctive performer who exudes the confidence and charm that comes from knowing who she is, excelling at her craft and loving it!

As for her genre of choice she says, “I fell in love… that’s the best way to put it. I fell in love with Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Wilson, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Anita O’Day, Peggy Lee and the lyrics and music of Cole Porter, Harry Warren, Rodgers & Hart, etc…” She continues, “They have been my idols and my teachers. They cared about their craft and got better with time."

Sony is at home on stage whether accompanied by her guitarist/husband, Jerry Holland, a swinging jazz quartet or a 17-piece big band. KCSM DJ Pete Fallico says, “Sony gives a vocal experience not to be missed… with smooth delivery, lyrical pleasure and heartfelt emotion.” In 2012 she plans to continue on her steady path to artistic and popular success. Sony Holland is one of those big talents that seem to burst on the scene from nowhere… but in reality she has been building her career the old fashioned way, one sweet note at a time.

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  1. Former Yoshi's San Francisco Location - Now Closed
    1330 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA