Solo Sundays - 7/28

Sun Jul 28, 2013
Stage Werx
$15 - $25
Performance Arts, Theater
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Those words were written by Shakespeare who knows a great deal about boldness. Though the circumstances of the four actor/writers on the July 28 performance of Solo Sundays are different, they have one thing in common. They all must take bold action. One of them comes face to face with a haunting past, another struggles with a life threatening disease. Love plays a part in two of the pieces. In one case, the actor/writer struggles to find love, in the other, the performer has to escape a romance that no longer sustains her. There is boldness. There is also wavering and doubt. The boldness is thrilling but it's the wavering and doubt that audiences will find most reassuring.

* Memphis on My Mind

Elvis, Beale Street, and that god-awful summer heat - the pull of Memphis, TN down on the Mississippi River. Memphis is also Sarah Mackey, a maid that raised Rebecca's mother and was around for Rebecca too. Sarah's hand was hard to forget, a fleshy nub where her fingers used to be, and her laughter, an island of safety. Sarah's grandson? Well, that's another story.

* What They Said About Love

Meet a guy who has a seemingly unbreakable pattern of falling for women who remind him of his mother. A woman who can't resist getting involved with homeless guys in her West Oakland 'hood. And a married woman who likens the search for a mate to buying a house and says, "Throw away the list!" Steve Budd interviewed a whole bunch of married couples and a ton of singles, and brings the best to life. Satisfy your voyeuristic tendencies and curiosity about how others look for love and, in some cases, find it.

* Battling the Red Devil

A lump in my breast? No way! So now what? Is it do or die or don't do and die or do and die or don't do and don't die? Where to turn--medical establishment, alternative health practitioners, family? Whom to trust--- doctors, friends, former patients, God? What to do or not do? Mushrooms? Blueberries? Eaten separately or together?--and, of course, sprinkled with iodine? Coffee enemas? Specially blessed $400 water from some remote sacred place? Shielding necklace? Epson salt baths? Or what about prayer and simply leaving it to Almighty God? HELP!! I'm being eaten alive!

* PUSSY: Teaser Edition
A lesbian couple whose love is on the rocks, their overly curious landlady and one very opinionated cat. It's a tale of love and narcissism, homophobia and unicorns, of how to forgive The Church and how softball can save your life.

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