Shannon and the Clams

with Spencey Dude & the Doodles, The Splinters

Tue Jan 12, 2010
Hemlock Tavern
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Hearty Magazine
By Mish
"Shannon and the Clams are a band from Oakland and also, another era. An era when music was what it should be–catchy, energetic and full of kissability. Picture if The Crystals, Bad Brains and Wanda Jackson had a giant surf party orgy in a vat of ice cream and you have it. Shannon and the Clams, are made up of the fabulous Shannon (duh), Ian and Cody. Best part about these Californians? They hate L.A. Oakland forever."

On four planets from four galaxies, four tiny rabbits were birthed. Although they existed simultaneously, they were milky ways away from one another. One day when thier skin turned from frail and pink to soft and fur covered, they all separately went on a cosmic vision quest. On this cosmic vision quest they knew they must thrust themselves into the nearest ocean and swim to the deepest spot. These four rabbits on four planets dove into the four oceans where they found piles of pearls that the mussels of the sea produced and now protected till the death. The rabbits, who used thier hearts more than thier heads, each lept straight into the mussels and fought for one pearl each. Of course, each raabbit was slain by the army of mussels. As each rabbit corpse floated to the bottom of each ocean floor, fur floating away from flesh reflecting off dead eyes, a single drop of blood leaked out from the left center finger tip of each rabbit. As the body sunk deeper and deeper, the drop of blood formed a little clam, clams of power.


  1. Hemlock Tavern
    1131 Polk St, San Francisco, CA