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nothing special
By SFS Staff (Dec 20, 2004)
Sooner or later, all the great novels had to dry up, leaving Hollywood producers scraping the dregs of the literary establishment in order to come up with something fresh and exciting. Unfortunately, what they turned up was Dave Barry. Dave Barry? Yes the same Dave Barry heir apparent to Andy Rooney who decided he couldn't wait for the old geezer to retire so he wrote a novel instead that Barry Sonnenfeld decided to make into a movie. Don't get me wrong, Barry is a great columnist, but as a novelist he is no Henry James or Elmore Leonard, masters of their respective genres whose work are understandably sought after for adaptation. But mak More »
By SFS Staff (Dec 01, 2004)
Gifting, the age-old practice of giving stuff to others, is a year-round sport as the calendar is littered with various holidays and special occasions that require you to get out and spend. The specialty shops and boutiques along 24th Street in Noe Valley can help with this task. Shopping addicts from all over the Bay Area come here to take care of their gifting needs, no matter what the season, occasion or recipient requires. More »
By SFS Staff (Nov 01, 2003)
Profile: Tom Dizoglio - Computer Programer, Age - 38 More »
By SFS Staff (Oct 08, 2003)
Marking their ten-year anniversary as one of the most influential contemporary art spaces in the city, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts has presented Ten by Twenty, an exhibition comprised solely of collaborative works. The teams are made up of one artist who has previously shown at the Center, and another who has not, in the attempt to create dialogues that can span age, geographical and cultural distances, mirroring Yerba Buena's own mission to do the same in exhibitions of the last ten years. More »
5 Nice idea, poor execution
By SFS Staff (Jul 29, 2003)
Why can't anyone make a decent movie about the Internet? And when did Hollywood lose its ability to deal with the darker reaches of the human psyche without resorting to mindless voyeurism? Those are some of the questions that come to mind after seeing Feardotcom. The basic premise of the movie is promising enough. A number of people have died in mysterious circumstances in New York City, and the only thing that they seem to have in common is that they all visited the same website prior to their untimely demise. The website in question is Feardotcom, which functions as a sort of live snuff movie with a distinct sadomasochistic tinge to it. Wi More »
By SFS Staff (Jul 01, 2003)
Usually, no matter how good a movie is, it's nice when the credits roll and you can head out into reality again, hopefully carrying the best of the film with you. It happens with books too; you know it's been inspiring, moving, and intriguing when you get a pang of regret as you close up the pages. That's how it feels when Girlfight ends. The film is so engaging that I could have stayed absorbed in its celluloid world for days More »
Profile of a local artist
By SFS Staff (Jul 01, 2003)
Kimberly Austin is one of San Francisco's undiscovered treasures. Although her art resides in important international public and private collections - including Germany's Gelsenkirchen Museum, the Levinthal collection, Deloitte & Touche, and that of Jane's Addiction founder Perry Farrell - and she shows regularly at San Francisco's Braunstein Quay Gallery and Cologne's Galerie Sieppel, the 38-year-old Austin remains relatively unknown. What makes her lack of large-scale recognition all the more puzzling is that her photography-based work is among the most ethereally beautiful... More »
Elaine Stritch at Liberty at The Curran Theatre
By SFS Staff (Jun 15, 2003)
"Elaine Stritch at Liberty" is a Broadway baby's science experiment: full of grand lights, big songs, strong comedic timing and dependent variables. It's basically a two-and-a-half hour long inside joke, and why not? After 77 years, Elaine Stritch has earned the right to be self- referential for $78 a ticket. She has performed in "A Delicate Balance," "Company," and "Pal Joey." She's got the inside scoop on Brando, Burton and Garland, and a nostalgic voice of gravel. She also happens to have the best legs in the biz. For those who lack a taste for retrospect, but still crave meta- autobiography, go rent "8-Mile."... More »
The Mechanics' Institute Library
By SFS Staff (Jun 01, 2003)
A stone's throw from the Montgomery BART station, the Mechanics' Institute, one of San Francisco's most influential early city institutions and the oldest library on the West Coast, nestles in an impressive Romanesque nine-story building. The Institute's library, founded in 1855 and at its Post Street location since 1906, is as much a part of the city's development as the Gold Rush itself. More »
Sherman Alexie's Ten Little Indians
By SFS Staff (May 15, 2003)
With a buzzing packed house on hand, I recently had the chance to catch Sherman Alexie, author of the newly published Ten Little Indians, reading at a Booksmith event. He'd just started on his book tour and responded to a loud ovation by immediately cracking a joke about how lucky we were to catch him fresh and not so punchy, as he would be ten cities from now. More »
SFS Staff's Articles
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