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Joe Swanberg (b. 1981) kicked off his filmmaking career with 2005’s KISSING ON THE MOUTH, and has directed 17 feature length movies to date. Deeply personal and alarmingly direct, Swanberg’s work captures the messy intersection of intimacy, aging, technology, responsibility and art in the early years of the twenty-first century.

Due to the sheer volume of his output, many of his recent films have eluded Bay Area audiences. With the excellent ALL THE LIGHT IN THE SKY serving as the Closing Night of IndieFest 2013, the Roxie would like to take the opportunity to aquaint you with a body of work that reflects life in these uncertain times better than most. Joe Swanberg will be on hand after every evening show to discuss his movies!

Film Schedule

Friday, February 22


SILVER BULLETS – Ethan is an arthouse director struggling with a creative slump, and his girlfriend Claire is an actress with a burgeoning career. When she takes a role in a werewolf movie by a up and coming horror auteur, Ethan becomes depressed, retaliating by casting Claire’s best friend in a romantic role opposite himself in his new film. As pettiness and jealousy spiral out of control, Claire begins to slip into a surreal fantasy world that more closely mirrors her role in the werewolf film than that of her real life. Starring Joe Swanberg, Kate Lyn Sheil, Ti West & Amy Seimetz. 2011. Digital. 70 mins.

ART HISTORY - Sam has feelings for Juliette, the lead acress in a sexually explicit drama cetenred on a couple’s one night stand. He must maintain a professional relationship with her, which goes well until Juliette and her co-star Eric develop off-screen feelings for one another. Set entirely in one location over the course of a few days, ART HISTORY uses long static takes and minimal lighting to create a mood of claustrophobia and dread. Starring Josephine Decker, Joe Swanberg, Kent Osborne & Adam Wingard. 2011. 74 mins.


CAITLIN PLAYS HERSELF - A young performance artist, struggling with personal and political themes in her work, performs a piece that sends her relationship into a tailspin because her onstage nudity bothers her boyfriend. Starring Joe Swanberg and Caitlin Stainken. 2011. 69 mins.

MARRIAGE MATERIAL - A young couple agree to babysit their friends’ six-month old for a day. The experience causes them to examine their own relationship and feelings about marriage and children. Starring Kentucker Audley and Karoline White. 2011. 55 mins.

Saturday, February 23

3:30pm - LOL
Three close guy friends are in relationships with their girlfriends and with the technology that mediates their lives. Featuring music made by sounds from all their faces! Starring Joe Swanberg, C. Mason Wells, Kevin Bewersdorf, Brigid Reagan, Tipper Newton and Greta Gerwig. 2006. Digital. 81 mins.

A bunch of thespians in and out of character explore their sometimes line-crossing feelings. Starring Jess Weixler and Justin Rice. 2009. Digital. 72 mins.


UNCLE KENT - Kent is an unmarried children’s show writer in Los Angeles, spending his days smoking weed, hanging out with his cat, and going on Chat Roulette. One of his online friends, Kate, stays with Kent while she’s in town for a conference. Though they’ve only previously met online, Kent and Kate are instantly at ease with each other, and a sexual tension grows. The problem is, Kate has a boyfriend. Starring Kent Osborne, Josephine Decker & Jennifer Prediger. 2011. Digital. 72 mins.

ALL THE LIGHT IN THE SKY - Marie is a well-respected actress in her mid-40s. She enjoys the freedom her single lifestyle provides, but she’s unsure where to focus her energy as her acting work slows. A visit from her 25-year-old niece, also an actress, forces her to reflect on aging in Hollywood and her relationships with men. Starring Jane Adams, Kent Osborne, Larry Fessenden, Sophia Takal & Ti West. 2012. Digital. 72 mins.


AUTOEROTIC - Four interconnected Chicago vignettes explore the boundaries of self-pleasure, sexual exploration and jealousy in this twisted and funny film. Somehow the intimacy of private sexual lives becomes a platform of discussion among friendship circles. Starring Amy Seimetz, Kate Lyn Sheil, Joe Swanberg and Kris Swanberg. 2011. Digital. 72 mins.

THE ZONE - A mysterious visitor spends the night at an apartment belonging to a young engaged couple and their friend . Over the course of the night and the following day he sleeps with all three roommates and then disappears, leading to conversations about God, life and filmmaking. Starring Kentucker Audley, Kate Lyn Sheil and Sophia Takal. 2011. Digital. 70 mins.

Sunday, February 24

Over the course of one hot post-graduate summer, Hannah falls precariously in and out of love. A breaker of hearts and chronically dissatisfied, she finder herself drifting away from her newly unemployed boyfriend and drawn to two of her co-workers. Starring Greta Gerwig, Mark Duplass, Kent Osborne & Andrew Bujalski. 2007. Digital. 83 mins.

Mattie and James are in love, but too many miles apart have taken a toll on them. As they struggle with the distance between New York and Chicago, their visits become reminders of the difficulties, not the pleasures, of their relationship. Starring and co-directed by Greta Gerwig and Joe Swanberg. 2008. Digital. 79 mins.


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