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Bringing the Ocean to You
By Sarah Sung (Apr 25, 2006)
Chances are you've only driven past Café Maritime, zooming down Lombard en route to or from the Golden Gate Bridge, but locals know it well and word is spreading fast. Café Maritime's quirky locale should not diminish its appeal. More »
Where Mexico Meets the Marina
By Sarah Sung (Feb 02, 2006)
Since opening in November, Mamacita is a magnet for neighborhood Marina diners and drinkers. Reservations are advised, but if you're craving fresh, local ingredients prepared Mexican-style, the wait isn't too bad, especially after a few margaritas. Opt for the pomegranate margarita if you have a sweet tooth, or the sangria, with a secret ingredient that makes it one of the most distinctive sangrias around. Not surprisingly, numerous beers and tequilas are available and, happily, there is an extensive by-the-glass wine selection. More »
Hot Stuff
By Sarah Sung (Oct 25, 2005)
After three years of planning, many trips to Tequila (a city in the Mexican state of Jalisco), and big-name partnerships with Julio Bermejo of Tommy's on Geary, rocker Sammy Hagar, and Executive Chef Joseph Manzare, concept designer Eric Rubin has finally opened Tres Agaves. From our visits, it would appear that hordes of San Franciscans are pouring in to check out this newcomer to the SBC Park area. More »
From Simmer to Sizzle, the Buzz is Electric
By Sarah Sung (Sep 21, 2005)
Named after the apparatus that transforms raw ingredients, Range is the new Mission District restaurant firing up Valencia Street. If you're going out for a special night, Range has your back. It's a chill, comfortable place with pop elements like a sleek bar and elaborate flower arrangements, making the space sexy and classy at the same time. Plus the well-priced menu has a scope broad enough to satisfy both the meat-and-potatoes and the veggie-only diner. More »
Reaching a New Frontier
By Sarah Sung (Aug 09, 2005)
The buzz from this shoebox-sized boite is electric. Step in and the whirlwind experience begins. Tables immediately greet you at the door -- including a large communal one that features kitchen views. Since opening in July, general manager and wine director Mike Pierce and executive chef Scott Youkilis from Sociale haven't had time to look back, and neither will you. More »
Cow Hollow's New Star
By Sarah Sung (Jun 20, 2005)
A Cow Hollow newcomer, U Street single-handedly adds a splash of trendy down-tempo charm to Union Street. Fitting seamlessly into the scene, the restaurant features über-popular small plates along with ambient beats. From gourmet comfort food to Asian fusion to Mediterranean and more, the California cuisine menu has a little something for every taste bud. It's no surprise that high-fashion neighborhood hipsters flock here for a night out. More »
A French Brasserie on the Embarcadero
By Sarah Sung (Jan 04, 2005)
After bringing Parisian flair to San Francisco's Belden Lane with Plouf, and conquering Potrero Hill with Baraka, Chez Papa, and Chez Maman, Jocelyn Bulow, along with business partner Marc-Henri Sempere and Chef Bruno Chemel, opened La Suite, a traditional, late-night brasserie in September 2004. With large windows offering sweeping views of the Bay and Bay Bridge, La Suite features fresh seafood and Provencal specialties, and is a welcome addition to the Embarcadero -- whether you just want to grab a drink or experience a bit of Provence. More »
Where East Meets West
By Sarah Sung (Sep 08, 2004)
Chef-owner Luke Sung absolutely deserves the high praise he gets for his culinary expertise. He describes his approach at Lüx as a "French chef making Asian food." Reading the menu descriptions, it is obvious that he isn't afraid to experiment. Seafood is prevalent, but beef, duck, and pork dishes are also sprinkled into the mix. More »
Hurry Out of Bed for this Brunch
By Sarah Sung (Aug 03, 2004)
It took about five seconds (tops) to polish off my melon aqua fresca ($2.50) -- each sip was like diving into the cool, blue ocean on a hot summer day. This concoction served as the perfect metaphor for my brunch experience: inviting, fresh, seasonal, and totally satisfying. You leave [i]Slow Club[/i] wanting more, not because the portions are small (they're not) but because the meals are just that good. More »
A Sizzling Scene
By Sarah Sung (Jul 20, 2004)
Marionettes and hanging lanterns adorned with firecrackers and Mardi Gras beads greet you as you step off the popular Valencia Street thoroughfare and into this lively 1920s Old Shanghai-inspired hot spot. [i]Firecracker[/i] was not named to describe how spicy the food is (you can find all degrees of spiciness here), but rather for the atmosphere --symbolizing festivity and good times. Upon entering, the energy engulfs you. Regardless of the night, you'll find festive groups gathered, first-dates or longtime couples commingling, and content solo diners engaged in a book or the paper... More »
Sarah Sung's Articles
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