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Toyota Prius was named Motor Trend's 2004 Car of the Year award. This was a bold and controversial move by a magazine heavily influenced by the automotive industry, but nonetheless warranted by the car's merits. With a MSRP of $20,875, it's one of the most economical hybrids available. The Prius represents Toyota's paradigm shift away from oil addiction by having an 11.5-gallon tank that boasts an outstanding gas mileage of 60-mpg city, and 51-mpg highway. Unfortunately, the aerodynamics of the hood and hatchback provide a futuristic design that's reminiscent of the Pontiac Aztec. But the sci-fi look isn't in vain. The car's aerodynamics yield one of the most drag efficient cars, competing closely with a Porsche 911. The output power for the Prius is only 110 hp (comparable to a four cylinder Camry), but one of the highest among hybrid cars. -- Cliff Samaniego


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    A Hybrid Solution to Bay Area Gas Woes
    03/18/2005 by Cliff Samaniego

    The IRS and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are fueling the sale of hybrids by offering a $2000 tax deduction (depending on your tax bracket) and opening up California's commuter lanes for hybrid drive...  More »