San Francisco Dump Artist In Residence Exhibitions:

Tue Jan 29, 2013
Recology Art Studio
Arts, Gallery


Exhibition is the culmination of four months of work by artists who have scavenged materials from the dump to make art and promote recycling and reuse.

Michael Damm, "Incidental Films for an Accidental Audience: On Tunnel." Video installation viewable throughout the month of January, dusk to dawn, excluding Wednesdays at 401 Tunnel Avenue. Julia Goodman, "Rag Sorters and Star Gazers." Artwork that explores ideas of astronomy and navigation, and the role of the stars as literal and figurative guides. A separate body of work addresses papermaking and its history. Jeff Hantman, "Unassigned." Mixed media paintings that bow out from the wall and freestanding sculpture. Art explore personal memories of places and events.


  1. Recology Art Studio
    503 Tunnel Ave. and Environmental Learning Center Gallery at 401 Tunnel Ave., San Francisco, CA