Saigon Soul Pop-Up Dinner

Mon Jan 7, 2013
Regalito Rosticeria
Food & Drink, Food Event


On Monday, January 7th we are teaming up with Seth Stowaway (Bar Agricole and HapaSF) to host Saigon Soul, a Vietnamese-inspired Soul-food feast.

Over the past month, weve been exploring how Vietnamese ingredients can amplify classic Southern cuisine. The dishes that have emerged balance the fresh flavors of Vietnam with the satisfying heartiness of Southern cooking.

One of the dishes well be sharing is based on a spicy beef noodle soup one would find while wandering streets of Saigon. By adding collard greens and pineapple-mint relish, weve created a noodle soup that is both comforting and refreshing.

A second dish were excited to debut features seasonal ingredients wrapped in the style of Vietnamese spring rolls. These rice-paper rolls include Dungeness crab, quinoa, chicories and a citrus-vinaigrette.

The two other dishes we are offering feature shrimp, grits, and spare ribs, infused with Vietnamese herbs and sauces. Both highlight Seths expertise in crafting succulent and savory Southern fare.

Main dishes range from $12-15, and a full tasting menu is available for $45. Beer and wine will be available for purchase.


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