RTX with Dan Melchior und Das Menac

& The Touch-Me-Nots

Fri Nov 9, 2007
Hemlock Tavern
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"My childish relationship with rock-n-roll usually means my rock stars idols are all men, an immature attitude unfortunately shared with much of the music industry. Thanks to Jennifer Herrema, this is all changing. RTX, fronted by the goddess of hard rock deconstruction bursts through the doors with guns ablaze on their latest Western Xterminator, vacillating between mushroom-hazy psychedelic numbers like the opening title track, vocals sounding like they were forced through a hookah into an echo chamber, and Motor City endgame blasts like “Dude Love” and “Restoration Sleep” reeling off into the night like Guns N Roses interpreting the Book of Revelations. It is consciously over the top, but shows a demented dedication to the rock of all our misspent youths and hopefully, our mismanaged futures.
The finest moments on the record mix experimentation and bombast, like on the epic “Rat Will Kill” which sounds like the greatest conceivable hair metal track could ever be produced. RTX is anything but a tired retro act like The Darkness or the thousand versions of Ratt touring this land of ours. Ever since her days in the much heralded Royal Trux, Herrema has been cleaning her gun and practicing her aim. To call it thinking person’s hair metal is to detract from the libidinous thrall of this music. It makes me feel like I’m fourteen again, when I dropped the needle on my stepbrother’s copy of Paranoid. That detuned bellow forcing my stepdad to peer around the corner, saying “not again….” Yes. Again. And forever.
Herrema was kind enough to be my favorite interview subject yet a second time and discuss the gear-head particulars of the record, modeling vs music, and the rock of the people. "


  1. Hemlock Tavern
    1131 Polk St, San Francisco, CA