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Asian Comfort Food with a Hint of Luxury
By Michelle Chan (Aug 27, 2009)
Itís a hopeful sign for the culinary economy when a restaurant like Noodle Theory, which built a loyal following at its original location in the Rockridge area of Oakland, brings its opulent Asian comfort food to a new location in SF. More
A Carton of Comfort Food
By Allecia Vermillion (Aug 21, 2009)
Ritch Street is an otherwise unassuming SoMa service alley turned culinary hotspot, courtesy of Little Skilletís walk-up service window. This diminutive takeout counter, from the same folks behind Tenderloin soul food powerhouse Farmerbrown, dispenses decadent waffles, fried chicken and other locally sourced southern fare in a decidedly no-frills environment. More
Mina Delivers a Taste of Burgundy
By Gloria Tai (Aug 14, 2009)
Sophistication and substance are givens with a Michael Mina restaurant. rn74, his latest creation, located on the ground floor of the SoMa luxury residence Millennium Tower, is no exception. Get past the moniker (which takes its name from Route National 74, the road that runs through the most prestigious wine houses of Burgundy, France) that follows the familiar trend of letter/digit restaurant titles (A16, 5A5), and youíll find a sleek space thatís equal parts industrial concrete and luxurious dark wood. More
Dynastic Dim Sum
By Daniel Goldstein (Aug 6, 2009)
Just off the 280 Freeway, in a section of Daly City that seems to have been zoned for big box stores the way neighboring Colma was zoned for graveyards, lies one of the most lauded dim sum palaces in America. Does it deserve its reputation? More
A Love Letter to Spain
By alanna hale (Jul 30, 2009)
Generally, nostalgia is at the heart of cooking, as the flavors and smells from the kitchen serve to transport you to your fondest memories. Some chefs, however, daringly try to take it a step further by recreating the experience entirely. Meet Noe Valleyís newest dining destination: Contigo, which opened in March. More
Contemporary French on Russian Hill
By Daniel Goldstein (Jul 24, 2009)
After 20 years, La Folie -- Chef Roland Passotís impeccable contemporary French restaurant in Russian Hill -- still casts its spell honestly, with exacting technique, fine ingredients, and professional service. And Passot displays his versatility by opening the new lounge next door, which gives you a glimpse of the feast happening in the more formal dining room or simply provides a more casual option for everyday. More
Better Burgers
By Amy Sherman (Jul 16, 2009)
If youíre accustomed to dining on organic and sustainably raised meats and poultry accompanied by local fresh-picked produce and drinking California wines but still long for an inexpensive and unpretentious burger now and again, Pickles is sure to be your kind of place. While quality burger joints are nothing new, the reasonable prices, attention to detail, and cozy interior set Pickles apart from the rest of the pack. More
Modern Chinese Brings a Little Heaven to SoMa
By Gloria Tai (Jul 9, 2009)
Charles Phan has been a busy chef. First, he cornered the market on modern French-Vietnamese cuisine with Slanted Door and continues to expand his mini-empire with two Out the Door outposts and one on the way. Then thereís his recent collaboration with Lorraine Keller at The Moss Room and Academy Cafť in the newly designed Academy of Sciences. And, as if these spots werenít enough, heís now ventured into a new cuisine with Heavenís Dog -- savory food of Northern China -- and a new locale in the base floor of the Soma Grand condo residence tower, not nearly as dramatic as the stunning bayside setting of Slanted Door or the Moss Room. More
Good News for Potrero Hill
By Margaret Meriwether (Jul 2, 2009)
Potrero Hill hit the jackpot when Pizza Nostra moved in. With outdoor seating, a spacious dining room and well-executed thin crust pizzas itís no surprise that thereís a long wait on weekend nights. Restaurateur Jocelyn Bulow (of Chez Papa Resto and Chez Maman) teamed up with pizza chef Giovanni Aginolfi, who recently finished fifth in the World Pizza Championship, and turned what was once a French-inspired Couleur Cafť to this neighborhood pizza joint. More
SOMA Sushi & Sake
By Amy Sherman (Jun 26, 2009)
The sister restaurant to Tsunami Sushi in Western Addition, Tsunami Mission Bay is not the most authentically Japanese or even typical California style sushi bar. For starters, there isnít an actual sushi bar. But the extensive sake selection, sexy cocktails and unique sushi rolls make it a great place for meeting friends before or after a Giants game. More
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