Really Really Free Market

Sat Nov 29, 2008
Dolores Park
1pm - 5pm
Flea Market, Shopping
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Everything is free. yes, really really free. no money, no bartering, no advertising.

Bring food, art, games, furniture, friends, not-so-random acts of kindness, bike parts/tools, face paints, plants, books, skills….anything!

A Really Really Free market is like a giant potluck made up of useable items, skills, ideas, smiles, talents, friendship, discussions and many other things that we can come together and share. (except in the rainy season (Dec, Jan, Feb) we meet at an inside venue)

As a community we have many more resources than we do as individuals. If we share our resources we won't need to buy as many new ones. This uses fewer of the Earth's resources and fewer of our working hours, leaving us more time to devote to ourselves and our communities.

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  1. Dolores Park
    Dolores at 19th Street, San Francisco, CA