Circle of Fire Productions in conjunction with All The Way Live presents

R-16 USA Funkstyle Championships 2011

US National Qualifier for Funkstyles Popping and Locking + BBoy Cypher King Battle

Sun May 22, 2011
Cowell Theater
Dance, Hip Hop, Music, Music Festival, Performance Arts, Theater


US National Qualifier for Funkstyles Popping and Locking + BBoy "Cypher King" Battle. Tickets available at Cowell Theater/Herbst Pavilion Box Office DAY OF EVENT.
Tickets only sold at the door….get there EARLY!

Circle of Fire Productions in conjunction with All The Way Live Foundation are proud to host the only US National Qualifier for both categories of Popping and Locking in San Francisco, CA. We are expecting dancers Nationwide to come and participate at a chance to represent the United States in the one of the world’s most prestigious urban dance events which takes place annually in South Korea. Winners will receive the title of US champion and be flown out to compete in the finals – in South Korea.

R-16 (Respect 16) is a large-scale Annual Festival in Seoul, South Korea where more than 300 Internationally renowned Trend Leaders, Artists, Musicians, Content Developers, Promoters, Producers and B-Boys come together to exchange all areas of Urban Youth Culture and Art from their Native countries.The ‘R’ in R-16 stands for ‘RESPECT‘. The number 16 stands for the 16 HONORED COUNTRIES that participate in the festival.

The concept of RESPECT is the everlasting theme of the R-16 movement. What started out as a World Championship level B-Boy tournament in Seoul, South Korea has now evolved into a massive movement spawning across the globe. R-16 seeks to encompass all aspects of Urban Youth Cultures and the Urban Arts. Through the support of the communities and nation as a whole, youth created grassroots cultures like Urban Dance (Locking, Bboying, Popping, and House Dancing) have become a profitable self-sustaining industry.

This movement demonstrates an ability to embed itself within society, and maintain relevance in the minds of the mainstream and mass media within United States, as well as the rest of the
World. R-16 has been designed to celebrate and demonstrate the power of the youth’s endless potential. We can show through this event, our dedication and passion, that while the rest of the world is embroiled in conflicts caused by prejudice and an inability to overcome their differences, we have come to settle ours, unite ourselves, and DANCE.

A collective mix of Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and House will be provided by the bay areas own: DJs Kool Raul, DJ Quantum and Stephen Rigmaiden.

Sponosorship enquiries welcomed. For further information please contact [email protected]

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  1. Cowell Theater
    Fort Mason Center, Pier 2, San Francisco, CA