Psycho Science from the Moody Institute

Thu Jan 3, 2013
Oddball Film + Video
8 pm
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Oddball Films brings you Psycho Science from the Moody Institute, a mind-boggling collection of 1950s crackpot science films brought to you by the world’s strangest bible science film producers, The Moody Institute of Science. The Moody Institute of Science, founded under the auspices of the Moody Bible Institute, an evangelical group started by Irwin Moon in San Francisco in 1938, produced a number of religious cult science films that were intended to demonstrate intelligent design through scientific experiments. These were marketed to schools and churches across the United States and their biblical subtext hit the viewer over the head with the proverbial hammer of faith. Evangelist Irwin “The Million Volt Man” Moon stars in many of these eye-popping classroom science films as he inhales helium, runs electricity through his body, makes metal float in space, experiments with electric eels and preaches god’s creationist “intelligent design” ideology. Tonight’s program features a sample of some of the quirkiest gems from the Oddball Moody Science collection. Films include Freedom in Flight (1972), Carnivorous Plants (1955), Facts of Faith (1956), Sense Perception (1960), Mystery of Time (1957), Blind as a Bat (1956)and The Electric Eel (1954).

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