Precita Eyes Mural Arts and Visitors Center

2981 24th Street, San Francisco , CA
+1 415.285.2287
Precita Eyes Mural Arts and Visitors Center Website
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Precita Eyes Mural Arts & Visitors Center, established in 1977 and currently located in San Francisco's Mission District, is a non-profit multipurpose community arts organization that has played an integral role in the city's cultural heritage and arts education.

Walking into the center during almost any day of the week, one could find children engaged in arts and crafts; artists drawing from the figure; professional muralists collaborating on a portable mural; a slide presentation to a group of educators or public school students; or an intense planning session for a new monumental mural project for the Mission District community. More than 20,000 students and tourists have walked from Precita Eyes as the starting point for the mural tours encompassing more than 80 murals in an eight-block walk.