Possibly the Most Dangerous Obstacle Course Ever

Sat Mar 9, 2013
Lombardi Sports
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Lombardi Sports is transforming into Possibly, the Most Dangerous Obstacle Course EVER! More fun than fury, compete against other teams in this lighthearted obstacle course to claim the Grand Prize and a few individual prizes along the way. This is a charity event, all ticket sales will be donated to the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks.

The Five Basic Rules

1. The obstacle course is a TEAM COMPETITION. To enter, you must have a team of exactly 3 people.

2. To compete in the obstacle course, each team of 3 must pay $10. This fee will be donated directly to the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks. This is a community event; it is free for spectators and cheerleaders!

3. There are 6 stations of competition. Teams will choose one of its players to represent the team at each station. There's a catch: each player has to compete at TWO stations, no more and no less. Once a player has competed at two stations, they are no longer eligible to compete at any other station.

4. This is a blind course - meaning that you will not know what the course looks like until the day of the competition. This is where strategy comes into play! Choose your team wisely!!

5. No Poor Sports & No Whiners Allowed!

How to Win & Prize Info

Grand Prize: Each member of the winning team will receive a shopping spree at Lombardi Sports.

Grand Prize Winner: Scoring is similar to track & field, with the top five teams at each station of competition given points. (Remember, there are 6 stations of competition) The team with the most points at the end of competition is crowned the winner.

Individual Prize Winners: Every station will also award the individual with the overall best score.

Sponsors: Studiomix, Fit Approach, TRX, Squaw Valley

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