Piers Faccini & Dom La Nena

Sun Feb 16, 2014
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An exquisite singer-songwriter-guitarist with a beautiful voice. It’s Joseph Spence meets Nick Drake meets Soundgarden.” -Ben Harper

“[Piers Faccini's] whisper of a voice floats above his guitar and gentle polyrhythmic percussion to create an environment that’s captivating, quietly insistent and delicate but not fragile.” -Jim Fusilli, Wall Street Journal

British-born singer-songwriter Piers Faccini‘s fifth solo studio album, Between Dogs and Wolves, was released in North America by Six Degrees Records on September 10, 2013 and on his newly launched Beating Drum label in Europe, on September 23, 2013.

An intimate suite of songs on the themes of love and desire, Between Dogs and Wolves depicts the unknowable and indefinable spaces between these themes, spirit and animal, between the wild and the tamed. “In France, where I live,” says Faccini, “there is an expression to describe twilight. It is called entre chien et loup, between dog and wolf. I wanted to use this metaphor for the album title, to transcribe the moment between day and night to the personal landscape of relationships, and to the stories we live, falling in and out of love.”

With several albums already behind him, Faccini felt a strong calling to take his music to new places as yet unexplored. His previous album, 2011′s My Wilderness — like the self-portrait that he made for the album of cut-up maps of the world — was, he says, about roaming in a kind of imaginary desert, a place where nothing is marked or signposted and where nothing is permanent. For Between Dogs and Wolves, Faccini chose to explore a different kind of geography, one that resides within each of us. “I tried to work with several different aspects of the immense subject of love,” he explains. “Some songs deal with the search for love or the quest for unity that we play out seeking a lover, other songs concern nostalgia and memory in the context of desire. I wanted to create a large, existential tableau around the subject of love, relationships, sexuality and desire.”

The journey is a reflective one, a collection of soulful meditations. Faccini’s low-key vocal performances — described as “a whisper of grand mysteries” by The New York Times — are front and center in the mix, accompanied variously by double bass, guitar, cello, harmonium, dulcimer, kora and echoes of analog electronica — all acoustic. Faccini played and recorded all of the instruments himself, except the bass, which was played by longtime collaborator Jules Bikoko, and the cello, contributed by Dom la Nena (Faccini co-produced la Nena’s latest album Ela, now out on Six Degrees Records). Both musicians also supply harmony vocals.

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