Aerial Tribute Set for Exploratoriumís 25th Annual Pi Day

Thu Mar 14, 2013
Pier 15 Plaza
1pm - 3pm
City Events, Technology
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"The weather forecast for Thursday is cloudy and overcast, so Pi In The Sky is being postponed. We'll select a new date soon, so look out for that. Most importantly, THANK YOU for supporting this project. When it happens, it's going to be beautiful!"


Watch the Video about the event here:


"Enter into the world of ISHKY and join the "Pi In The Sky" effort. Merging art and technology, ISHKY has brought together a team of artists, designers and scientists to create a compelling vision for millions of viewers to share.
When activated, the conceptual work, "Pi In The Sky" presents to the public the largest ephemeral art piece ever created. "Pi In The Sky" explores the boundaries of scale, public space, permanence, and the relationship between Earth and the physical universe."

In association with Pi Day, the international event invented by the Exploratorium in San Francisco and celebrated every year on 3/14 at 1:59 pm (the first five values of Pi), a Pi Day extravaganza is planned by the famed San Francisco museum. The 25th Annual Pi Day falls just in advance of the Exploratoriumís reopening at its new home on Pier 15 on San Franciscoís Embarcadero. A new Pi shrine will be ceremoniously embedded on the public plaza in front of the museum before the Pi Procession and Pi rituals are performed and pie (in various forms) eaten.

Overhead, the artist ISHKY, in collaboration with AirSign, has brought together a team of artists, programmers and scientists to give life to a compelling vision that a community of millions will directly experience. At just over 10,000 feet altitude, a team of five synchronized aircraft equipped with dot-matrix technology will skywrite the first 1,000 numbers of Piís infinite sequence (weather permitting). Each number will measure over a quarter-mile in height, and the aircraft will fly in a loop beginning over the Exploratoriumís new home at Pier 15 and across the waterfront and San Francisco Bay Area communities. Within moments of execution (3.14159265Ö), the specific meaning of the numbers in the sky will be lost. The piece will dissolve into an unprecedented visual anomaly that prompts curiosity, and is a fitting celebration of the spirit of Pi Day.

Simultaneously, in outer space, miles above our atmosphere, a second interpretation of ďPi In The SkyĒ will include a constant string of pi emitted from a satellite. Slated to launch in early 2013 by a Bay Area start-up satellite firm, the numbers of pi and its GPS coordinates will broadcast from the satellite and circle the Earth every 90 minutes, covering more than a half-a-million kilometers per day. Receiving stations on the ground will pick up these signals and relay the information over the web.

ISHKY Studios, in conjunction with app developer Southern Stars, is currently developing a smartphone app that will enable users anywhere in the world to locate the satellite overhead and track Piís travel as it wraps our Earth like a ball of string. Tentatively titled ďPi Gazer,Ē the app will be available for download in time for Pi Day, allowing Pi fanatics to begin tracking Pi in space.

The Exploratoriumís 25th Annual Pi Day celebration will be from 1 to 3 p.m., Thursday, March 14, 2013 at Pier 15 Plaza. The program is free and will be held outdoors, in front of the Exploratoriumís new home.



  1. Pier 15 Plaza
    Pier 15, San Francisco, CA