Phoenix and Dogs Die in Hot Cars

Joy Zipper

Thu Apr 21, 2005
Great American Music Hall (GAMH)
8 PM
Concert Hall, Music
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Even though their bright, peppy pop recalls Dexy's Midnight Runners, Big Country, XTC, Talking Heads, and other new wave luminaries, Fife, Scotland's Dogs Die in Hot Cars grew up on a musical diet of Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In 2000, Phoenix’s first album release, United, blazed across the musical skies like a newly discovered comet. Paris, London, L.A. and New York were all captivated, with everyone from Sofia and Roman Coppola to Air heaping praise on them. And with good cause: great songs, great performances, great production and attention to detail. Considering the band are French natives, Phoenix have a rare mastery of the lyric, words entwining themselves around and within, yet always at the service of the song.


  1. Great American Music Hall (GAMH)
    859 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA