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Peaches - Impeach My Bush

Released on XL Recordings, 7/10/06

Damn. It would have been so easy if Peaches, the mono-monikered volcano of ball-busting gender-bending electroclash had recycled some cast off Gnarls Barkley beats, stale guitar riffs and increasingly annoying vagina gazing for her new album as expected. So easy to put a nail in the coffin of a career, and fading musical movement, that barely deserved our attention in the first place. It would have been a cinch…if only Ms. Nisker had followed course and crapped out. If you were hoping for that, however, your dreams have been so solidly dashed that you may as well take your limited edition Miss Kitten 12 inches and throw them in the Williamsburg side of the East River.

Peaches rules! Her new album Impeach My Bush is so ferociously right on you’ll want to call in sick from your barista job and stay in bed all day thinking dirty thoughts. That great new Gap Ad with genius dancers and killer soundtrack? Peaches. Joan Jett and Josh Homme stopping by to lend some r’n’r cred, Peaches. With a stripped down rhythm section to rival AC/DC and surprisingly impressive command of melody, Impeach My Bush elevates Peaches from "marginalized hipster doofus" to "Karen O who?" status.

With Impeach My Bush Peaches has turned in her make or break it third album, and if the result isn’t superstardom and mega sales the world is a very harsh place. “Hit It Hard” rocks with rapid fire vocals that would make Outkast proud, and “Boys Wanna Be Her” obviously benefited for having Ms. Jett in the studio, it could be an outtake from the “I Love Rock N’ Roll” sessions. “Downtown” mixes a lazy schoolyard rhyme with a lovely one-line chorus. “Cos I wanna take you downtown” has nothing to do with leaving the house to go shopping.

Besides the expected sexual subject matter this is also Peaches’ "political album" and while her comments on current events are relayed in prototypical Peaches fashion they hit home. “I’d rather $u*K who I want than kill who I am told to” is her way of saying No War. When the repeating chorus of "Impeach my bush" drops the middle word you get the idea right away. Some might grumble (as they did with PJ Harvey when To Bring You My Love came out) that IMB is sanitized Peaches but never fear, under the shroud of well thought out songwriting and professional production the dirty old girl shines through. To wit these lyrics from "Slippery Dick": "Fist $u*K c*ck s*ck what’s the diff." Now if only they’d use that in a commercial.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars