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Paul T of Sarcastic Disco

Afterhours Event - Paul's SF Debut- underground disco music for your soul, with Chad Neiro, Jeno and Leonard

Sat Sep 27, 2008
cool underground warehouse venue
10pm to 6am
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Paul Takahashi, aka Paul T, is an underground culture trendsetter whose disco djing skills have earned him high degree accolades in the avant Nu Disco scenes. Paul T sees Disco through different lens. He drops drippy filtered psychedelic 'spaceship-landing' Nu Discospheric selections mixed in an expert fashion with keen attention to vibe and programming. He was recently featured on Tim Sweeny's highly acclaimed Bside radio broadcast, BeatsInSpace, out of New York. A friend described this radio recording as “crucial.”

Listen to it here:

Years ago Paul teamed up with the voodoo disco prince, Dj Harvey, to produce LA's highly acclaimed DJ Harvey Sarcastic Disco events. Paul helped mature and foster a scene of serious disco music aficionados and veteran partiers who come out of the woodwork to celebrate the Disco warehouse spirit.

This will be Paul's first show in San Francisco (he once played a fashion show here, so that does not count!). Paul has a reputation for being very selective about where he performs so we made sure to secure a safe non-club location to make this event go off.

Paul will be accompanied by Leonard of Tocadisco, an underground music guru and Jeno, our local Wicked veteran and headliner for the BackToBack parties.

In all, Paul T is the underground dj's DJ. We are excited to work bring Paul T to San Francisco. I look forward to experiencing the magical dance floor powers of real disco music. Come feel the power of the beat through the mind of Paul T. 19 Heron St, $10 at the door, 10pm to 6am. See you there dance suckas!

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  1. cool underground warehouse venue
    Heron Alley, San Francisco, CA