Paranormal Investigations at Meek Mansion & McConaghy House

Sat Oct 29, 2016
Meek Mansion and McConaghy House
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The final opportunity to investigate the Meek Mansion or McConaghy House in 2016 and this close to Halloween it is sure to be fun!

Experienced investigators lead attendees through either Meek Mansion or McConaghy House...your choice...with access to all non-restricted areas.

Many paranormal research groups have investigated the two locations and found them to be very active sites. Data collected previously includes electronic voice phenomena, cold spots, touches, apparitions and much more.

$75 general admission.
Proceeds support the maintenance and preservation of the historic sites. Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance. Ages 18 and up only.
To purchase tickets or for more information visit or call 510-581-0223 x 131.


  1. Meek Mansion and McConaghy House
    510 Pennsylvania St17365 Boston Rd, Hayward, CA