Organic Soap Making DIY Classes & Workshops In San Francisco

All methods of soap making are offered: cold-process, hot-process & liquid (castile) soap!

Sun Aug 31 (full schedule below)
Blue Dot Organics
$90 - $150
Education, Arts & Crafts Education


Learn how to make your own soap with Lindsay at Blue Dot Organics!

You will be guided through the entire soap making process:
1. the chemistry behind soap making, the differences between the various methods of soap making and what oils & butters are best for soap making
2. choosing your ingredients - all oils, butters & essential oils are organic!
3. how to formulate a balanced recipe using a soap calculator - customizable!
4. safety procedures**
5. making your soap in the reusable mold of your choice - 100% hands-on!

** Lye Safety & Why Your Soap is Safe to Use

Lye is necessary for all soap making methods. After each type of soap cures (cold-process soap) or is cooked (hot-process & liquid soap), no lye (NaOH or KOH) is present in the final product due to saponification, the chemical reaction that takes place to convert a mixture of lye (a base) and oils/butters (acids) into salt and glycerin (bar or liquid soap). So then your final product is safe to use!

The soap making classes & workshops at BDO (all are $90/person unless otherwise noted):
1) Soap Making Workshop (Sept. 8th (more Sept. dates to come) & Oct. 12th, 10am-3pm; lunch is provided - $150/p)
2) Beginner's Cold-Process Soap Making
3) Cold-Process Soap Making II
4) Hot-Process Soap Making
5) Liquid (Castile) Soap Making

Build-Your-Own Classes are also available for those who want to make even more or different products & choose when they have their private class.

Go to for more information, the class calendar & class reviews!

If you don't find a date & time that work for you, just call or email Lindsay at 617-272-5842 & to arrange your class at no extra cost!

Why take a class at BDO:

* 100% hands-on
* Small class sizes: 4-person maximum per class
* Organic & sustainable: the ingredients are certified organic, ethically wild-harvested, Kosher, gluten-free, vegan and/or untreated
* Customizable: the benefits of the various ingredients (e.g. oils, butters, essential oils, herbs, clays) are discussed so you can customize your creations based on your needs & preferences
* Choice: choose from a wide variety of ingredients for customized products & choose when you have your class
* Informational: go home with a detailed handout with recipes, ingredient information, instructions & suppliers
* Use of all preparation and safety materials - You do not need to bring anything! Just have fun!

BDO’s Philosophy
Health. Community. Earth.

By taking this class, you are supporting:
* your Health by using a toxin-free product, made with organic ingredients and using safe preparation materials
* the Community because 10% of profits go to charity
* the Earth because Blue Dot Organics has a zero-landfill policy, uses as little plastic as possible, and most suppliers are on the west-coast
* a small business that puts ethics above profits


Blue Dot Organics
1748 Clement St.
San Francisco, CA
Sun Aug 31 (3-5:30pm)
Beginner's Soap Making
Mon Sep 1 (10am-12:30pm; 1:30-4pm)
Beginner's Soap Making; Soap Making II
Thu Sep 4 (6-8:30pm)
Soap Making II
Fri Sep 5 (12:00-3:30pm)
Hot-Process Soap Making
Mon Sep 8 (10am-3pm)
Soap Making Workshop

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  1. Blue Dot Organics
    1748 Clement St., San Francisco, CA