Organic Liquid Soap Making Classes in San Francisco

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Come learn how to make organic liquid soap with Lindsay at Blue Dot Organics in San Francisco!

You will be guided through the entire process:
- choosing your ingredients (organic oils, butters & essential oils)
- determining your recipe on a soap calculator
- safety procedures
- making your soap

You will go home with 40 fl oz of liquid soap & a foaming-pump bottle. We will discuss the various uses for liquid soap and how to use it as a base for many other products, from shampoo to dish-washing soap. You must wear closed-toe shoes, a long-sleeve shirt and pants to this class.

Cold process soap making classes, in which you make bar soap, are also available. The difference between homemade liquid soap and homemade bar soap, besides the consistency, is the type of lye that is used. By combining fatty acids (oils/butters) and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), the sodium actually crystallizes to form a hard bar of soap. In liquid soap, Potassium Hydroxide (KOH, caustic potash) is used and it is soluble, leaving it to stay soft instead of crystallizing.

After each type of soap cures (cold-process soap) or is cooked (liquid soap), no lye (NaOH or KOH) is present in the final product due to saponification, the chemical reaction that takes place to convert a mixture of lye (a base) and oils/butters (acids) into salt and glycerin (bar or liquid soap). So then your final product is safe to use!

Check out class reviews and the class calendar at

If you don't find a date & time that work for you, just call or email Lindsay at 617-272-5842 & [email protected] to arrange your class at no extra cost!

Why take a class at BDO:

*100% hands-on
*small class sizes (4 person max)
*you'll go home with full size products - not sample sizes!
*the benefits of the various ingredients (e.g. oils, butters, essential oils, herbs, clays, salts) are discussed
*the products are customizable based on your needs & preferences
*all ingredients are either certified organic, untreated or ethically, wild-harvested
*offered every day of the week
*affordable prices, $25-140/person depending on the class

BDO offers a variety of classes:
*1-hr Lunch Break Classes - lunch is provided while you make 1 product ($35/person)
* 2-hr Prix Fixe Classes - make 2 products yourself ($65/person) & have a slot in a class
* 3-hr Prix Fixe Classes - make 3 products yourself ($90/person) & have a slot in a class
* Build-Your-Own Classes - make 1-5 products of your choice yourself ($30-140/person) & choose when you have the class
* Customizable Events - at Blue Dot Organics or at your office or home (starting at $25/person)

BDO’s Philosophy
Health. Community. Earth.

By taking this class, you are supporting:
-your Health by using a toxin-free product, made with organic ingredients and using safe preparation materials
-the Community because 10% of profits go to charity
-the Earth because Blue Dot Organics has a zero-landfill policy, uses as little plastic as possible, and most suppliers are on the west-coast
-a small business that puts ethics above profits


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