Oranger, French Disco (CD Release)

Fri May 27, 2005
Bottom of the Hill
10 PM
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The key to what makes Oranger's music so enjoyable is simplicity, and that's a mighty odd statement considering how much sound is coming out of those speakers. They're that rare psychedelic pop band managing to be masters of both worlds: compelling ear candy and well structured compositions. Even when the San Francisco quartet seem to be at their farthest out they keep a sharp focus on a great riff or a progression that carries the melody and cements it in our memory. When you're dedicated to serving the song rather than haphazardly filling the space you find you can cover a lot of stylistic range effectively, and this is a perfect example of that theory. A fairly dark little mind tripper like "Tree Bent Gun" sounds perfectly suited for the L.A. underground, circa 1967-68, but when it segues into the gentle, almost Lemon Piperish pop of "Just A Little Dumb," we're not stunned and we're certainly not disappointed. Lest you think this is pure retro, let me assure you Oranger updates the approach and brings in a well-stocked tool box of sounds you won't be expecting. They aren't just aping the general idea of 60s psych music; Oranger have realized the essence of it, giving them the secret to making music that is "cool," but also emotionally satisfying for those of us who get chills from the vintage stuff. - (DJ Johnson)


  1. Bottom of the Hill
    1233 17th St, San Francisco, CA