Old Shanghai

645 Grant Ave, San Francisco , CA
(415) 986-1222
Specialty, Cards & Gifts
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Old Shanghai (645 Grant Ave.) never fails to pull me into its portals by mere virtue of the beauty of the interior of the store itself and the conspicuous lack of clutter, which defines its two floors. Accessories, china and objects d'art range the first floor; brocade messenger bags ($19.50) present an elegant trope on an old favorite, while the choice accessory of the spring and summer seasons, the paillette handbag ($25.95), makes its entry in as many colors as anyone could desire.

The second floor of Old Shanghai does not fail to impress either. Classic silk brocade pajama-style tops ($29.50), hand-painted silk "happy coats" ($59.50) and kimonos ($69.50) are merely the tip of the iceberg as far as the selection of Chinese and pan-Asian apparel is concerned. -- Anthony Russell


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