Official Live 105 BFD Afterparty: Simian Mobile Disco

Sat Jun 2, 2012
9pm - 2am
Clubs, Music
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It’s not hyperbolic bio speak to say that Simian Mobile Disco are one of the most successful electronic music acts around today. It’s verifiable fact.

Funny thing is, though, the duo of James Ford and James Shaw never planned it that way. Instead, it kind of just happened. The boys started the group on a lark, a side-project from their main group in the mid-’00s, Simian. But as the group imploded on a lengthy tour of the United States, the DJ gigs, remixes and mixes that were once a hobby became a full-time gig.

Things have been hectic ever since. Early singles such as “The Mighty Atom,” “The Count” and Kitsuné hit “Hustler” led to a 2007 debut album Attack Decay Sustain Release on Wichita Recordings. The record was their breakthrough, adding tracks like “It’s the Beat,” “Tits and Acid” and “I Believe” to their discography.

Perhaps more importantly, it also gave birth to what would become one of electronic music’s most talked-about live shows, a celebrated DJing career and respect among their peers for a dedication to an analogue production aesthetic. Their highly improvised live set sees them running circles around a complicated modular rig while their trademark light show pulses along in time, constantly treading the line between crowd-pleasing and cerebral.


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