Dholrhythms presents

Non-Stop Bhangra

at Rickshaw Stop

Sat Mar 19, 2005
Rickshaw Stop
9 pm
Music, World Music


Continuing to grow, Non Stop Bhangra finds its' new home at the Rickshaw
Stop. With the desire to celebrate the desi driven beats of Bhangra, Non
Stop is so much more than just the typical club night. Combining live
dhol(drum) players, dance performances/lessons, and DJ's all dedicated to
keeping the vibe focused on making you dance non stop....

Sometimes labeled as the hip-hop of India, Bhangra is a drum-driven,
energetic dance that will engulf you in its spirit of celebration as soon as
you experience it.
An organization dedicated to promoting the artistic and cultural heritage of
India. Dholrhythms provides classes, workshops, performances, and events all over the bay area Dholrhythms Dance Troupe will mesmerize you with their
passion and love for the art form and will get your hips shaking, arms
moving, feet stomping......

DJ Jimmy Love
Local painter, designer, and DJ, Jimmy has been known to always come strong with worldly break beats. Having held down his share of weeklies, live
paintings, and club parties, he has joined up with Dholrhythms to produce a
full night of Non Stop Bhangra.

DJ Earflaps
The Cat Five DJ supreme who has mastered the art of Asian breaks and Bhangra beats. Having played around the bay area with the likes of Soulsalaam and crew, he has recently moved from deep Arabic breaks into the desi direction.

DJ Pardesi
Non Stop's foreign friend from Canada, Pardesi has been mixing Bhangra
across the globe. We are flying him back to San Francisco to show us what
real Bhangra is all about.


  1. Rickshaw Stop
    155 Fell St, San Francisco, CA