No Way Back: Mutant Dance Beat live, Magic Touch live

Fri Feb 22, 2013
10 - 4pm
$10 - $20
Clubs, Music
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"Transmission sent to myself across aeons as intercepted by the higher state of consciousness future black jazz panther massive... Or what happens when Nation´s Headquarters Underground mastermind Traxx enters an alliance with Shadow Commander Beau Wanzer for a space-time travel to the origins of Jack, realizing only too late the intrusion of a Spanish fly into the Quasar-propelled capsule. The result is a Mutant Beat creature on destination point, a shape-shifter entity with red acid injected eyes that would trance you in a daze of zombileptic beats and limb-breaking impulses with only looking at it.

From Disco to: Disco rapes Adonis in a tropical Berlin jungle, courtesy of external agent Dr. D. Clark. They call it The Future Soundof Yesterday and, while available in digital format, the real deal is the limited 500 vinyl copies with hand-silkscreened Mutant by monster artist himself Andreas Golder."

-- 20 jazz funk greats


  1. Monarch
    101 6th St., San Francisco, CA