Ninja Tune 2013: Actress, FaltyDL, Slugabed

Ghosts on Tape, Mophono, Benito, Solar, Mossmoss

Fri Jun 14, 2013
1015 Folsom
10pm - 3am
Clubs, Music
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Friday June 14th 2013

1015 Folsom, DJ Dials, and blasthaus Present


live sets from

local support provided by
MOPHONO (dj set)

10P-3A / $17.50 / 21+

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Mind-bending is the word that comes to mind when thinking about the music of Darren J. Cunningham. Better known to the public as Actress, his body of work throws an Aphex Twin-like wrench into the mutating matrix of genres known as the UK hardcore continuum. Given the man's cutting-edge pedigree, it's only fitting that he'd be chosen to as the headliner for Ninja Tune's 2013 label showcase at 1015 Folsom this Friday.

There Cunningham will perform live with support from a like-minded roster, first of which is New York-based producer FaltyDL. Keeping with the mood of the night, his turn on the stage promises to be of the live variety, offering a moment's peek into the complex recesses of his acoustic world.

Completing the live portion of the evening is London-based producer Slugabed. Operating on the fringes of hip-hop and the periphery of dubstep, he's quickly risen to international status off the strength of his low frequency heavy sound. Check him out and wander the club's multiple dancefloors for killer DJ sets by up-and-coming local techno talents like Ghosts on Tape, Mossmoss, Mophono, and others.


Actress, aka Darren J. Cunningham, has in the last 5 years of running the Werk Discs label set himself apart as one of the hottest A&R scouts within his field, having discovered and released some of the most widely talked about artists of the emerging bass generation, namely Disrupt, Zomby, Lukid and Starkey.
As Actress he produced the exceptional "Hazyville LP" drawing cries for a Mercury Award Nomination. He's remixed Various Production, written for the seminal techno imprint Soma Records and has recently confirmed an album deal to record on Honest Jons, the British independent record label created and founded by Damon Albarn.

Actress has performed stunning live shows at Fabric London and DJ'd alongside the likes of Juan Atkins, UR, Modeselektor, Radioactive Man, Dabrye, Kode 9 and Flying Lotus. DJ sets are variable depending on the night and mood, but generally programmed to suit afro-futuristic sounds of all persuasions.


Drew Cyrus Lustman is a musician in love with complexity and beautiful simplicity alike. On the one hand, the 26-year-old one-time sushi chef grew up playing piano and upright bass in jazz and classical groups, and cites Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Squarepusher and Weather Report as life-changing influences; on the other, he loves clubs, loves to dance, and considers hip hop, house, jungle and UK garage to be as important as any of those virtuoso musicians.

Back in New Haven, Conneticut where he was born, a younger Drew would let his mind roam: smoking a lot of pot and “watching the paint drip off the paintings” in the Yale Art Museum, or sitting at home reading Herman Hesse’s Journey to the East and Siddhartha over and over. Now, thanks purely to those two Planet Mu releases, he is travelling in person all over the planet. Drew still has the yen to make wild jungle, and one day maybe he’ll end up back in smoky jazz clubs. But right now, he’s still as in love with current club music as the scene is with him, slipping easily between and ahead of new genre collisions even as they happen. It takes improvisatory skills to deal with a musical world that shifts and reconfigures as wildly as that of 2010 – but if anyone has those skills it’s FaltyDL.


Blending influences both classic and contemporary, from the outermost reaches of dubstep, hip hop and beyond, Slugabed has received unanimous praise for his first Ninja Tune releases since signing to the label last year, and there is much anticipation for his forthcoming debut album.

Under his Slugabed alias, 23 year-old Greg Feldwick creates music which is at once complex, deep, thoughtful and above all distinctive. It channels the energy of the best of todays bass music, through spacey bleeps and meditative melodies to explore the outermost reaches of electronic music making today.


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