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Welcome to San Francisco’s New Living Expo, an exploration of evolving world consciousness. Thank you for joining us once again in celebrating the amazing evolution of body, mind and spirit. The New Living Expo 2006 brings you many of the country’s foremost progressive speakers and leading-edge radio personalities.

Experience an awakening of ideas, a call to Spirit. Come hear about alternative innovations at lectures, workshops, panels and individual booths. And be sure to take advantage of our exceptional lineup of speakers.

The products and services offered by our 300 trend-setting exhibitors are cutting edge. The New Living Expo is committed to honoring the Earth by continuing with our innovative Zero Waste Green Policy, which asks for the participation of both our vendors and our attendees. Remember to bring your own water bottles. Purified water will be provided at no charge in the food court. Please help us do all that we can to help our planet.

This year we are honored to have so many great speakers including James and Salle Redfield. Their book “The Celestine Prophecy,” is now a movie to be released nationally on April 21, 2006.

Also new this year:

* 4 special events at the Holiday Inn located at 50 - 8th St., in San Francisco
* A comedy night with top Bay area comedians and some special surprises
* A dance event is scheduled from 9 pm to 2 am at Cell Space Saturday night

ALL WORKSHOPS, PANELS, LECTURES and EXHIBITS are INCLUDED with the low price of admission. To receive a Program Guide please call 415-382-8300.

::: The Origins of the San Francisco New Living Expo :::

The origins of a new-age, alternative-lifestyle, natural-products "Expo," can be traced back to the early 1970s and the days of the Whole Earth Catalog, a widely popular alternative mail order catalog. The Whole Earth Company began the first Whole Earth Expo. By 1975, Whole Earth Expo was an established tradition in the counter culture of the time.

Other shows arose concurrently, with the Whole Earth Expo’s success. In 1982, Alan Goldman began producing shows for the National Health Federation in New York. At the same time, Joseph Cotler had founded the Whole Life Times and worked with Alan to produce an Expo in New York for the Whole Life Times - the first Whole Life Expo.

By 1983, Joseph and Alan were doing shows in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 1986, Joseph sold the Los Angeles market rights to Paul Andrews. He sold the San Francisco market rights to Ken Kaufman in 1986. Both Ken and Paul proceeded to expand Whole Life Expos into cities across the country, bringing Expo’s new-age ideas to a wider public and helping to establish a nationwide community focused on integrative health and cutting edge ideas.

In 1996, Paul Andrews partnered with the Newfane Group to take the Whole Life Expo public. In 1998, Newfane pulled out.The San Francisco Expos continued to flourish under the direction of Ken Kaufman.

In 1998, Justin Hilton purchased Whole Life Expo’s nationwide rights from Ken Kaufman. These Expos continued under Justin, and at the end of 1999, he sold the entire company to Ayman Sawaf.

Ayman continued to expand the Expo, producing events around the country with a growing number of staff. He began to shift his shows to more of a mainstream, commercial event. After September 11th 2001, Ayman chose to shut his doors. Some of the expo staff went on to produce Green Fest around the country.

By January 2002, a non-compete agreement between Ken Kaufman and Whole Life had expired. This afforded Ken the opportunity to return to his passion - producing Expos. Ken along with a small, committed staff, brought back its original mix of cutting-edge exhibitors and world-class speakers to create the next New Age Expo. Which took place in April 2002 in San Francisco. The following year, Ken and his tight-knit team went on to produce what has now become known as the New Living Expo. It is now an annual event in San Francisco.

Today, having produced three increasingly successful Expos since his return four years ago, Ken and his committed organization once again are creating a whole new standard in the world of Expos. This year again, The New Living Expo brings to you ALL workshops, lectures, panels, and exhibts, for one low general admission price of $30 for all three days. Or you may choose to come Friday $10, Saturday $15 or Sunday $15.

After the Expo, Ken is increasing sought after as a consultant for those who are interested in producing events. Today he lives with his wife Corinna, and he is a dedicated parent to his two teenage daughters.

Come be part of our event-making history. Come celebrate and explore with us at the 2006 New Living Expo on April 28th, 29th and 30th at the Concourse 8th and Brannan, S.F.


Chart Your Path to Healing and Self Discovery
at the 2006 San Francisco New Living Expo
15,000 Expected at Concourse Exhibition Center April 28 – 30

Workshop by James Redfield to Coincide with release of Celestine Prophecy Movie
(3 March 2006 — San Francisco CA) — Ready to till your inner garden this spring? Or plunge into the pool of deeper self discovery? Then set your sites on the San Francisco New Living Expo, taking place April 28–30 at the Concourse Exhibition Center, 8th & Brannan in San Francisco. Learn the latest developments in traditional and natural healing, holistic body therapies, fitness and nutrition, improving relationships, expanding consciousness, political action, environmental issues and social change — all under one roof. Explore a bustling marketplace of 300 exhibits, an intuitive arts arena and bookstore. Enjoy a blissful massage in the body work pavilion, a delicious meal in the natural foods court and much more. (For more information please visit

The New Living Expo will also present 100 speakers — among them many international bestselling authors – such as James Redfield (Behind The Scenes - The Celestine Prophecy Movie,national release April 21, 2006,, Dannion Brinkley (, Holly Near (Art & Activism,, Norm Shealy (The Energetics of Healing,, Terry Cole Whittaker (The Sacred System for Receiving Everything You Want,, Kevin Ryerson (Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality,, Sri Ram Kaa (Enter the Galactic Encyclopedia,, John Assaraf (The Street Kid’s Guide To Having it All,, Caroline Casey (Making the Gods Work For You, John McDougall (McDougall Wellness Center,, Gabriel Cousens (Spiritual Nutrition,, Leonard Shlain (Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time and Light, Sean David Morton (Everything You Want To Know About The Future, But Were Afraid To Ask!,, Stephen Lewis (The Technology of Consciousness), Howard Lyman (Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher that Won't Eat Meat, and Richard Hoagland (Changing the 2012 Scenario Using Ancient Science,

This year’s Expo coincides with the theatrical release of the major motion picture based on James Redfield's best-selling novel, The Celestine Prophecy, on April 17. Redfield will lead a workshop at the New Living Expo on Saturday, April 29 at 7pm. The film is a spiritual adventure chronicling the discovery of ancient scrolls in the rainforests of Peru. The prophecy and its nine key insights predict a worldwide awakening, arising within all religious traditions, that moves humanity toward a deeper experience of spirituality. The film’s theme is at the core of the New Living Expo’s mission.

Expo Producer Ken Kaufman says: “The San Francisco New Living Expo continues our 24-year evolvement producing gatherings with the unifying goals of awakening the spirit, empowering each of us to better manage our own health and to live our dreams. We meet here each year to share new tools for expanding awareness, improving communication, finding peace within, and opening our hearts.”

“This year we have assembled some of the country’s most prominent and creative minds to present workshops in the areas of psychology, education, health and nutrition, meditation research, music, political action and environmental sustainability,” Kaufman continues. “Our exhibit hall and bookstore will be filled with products and services created through pioneering research and development. There is something for everyone here, and it’s always a lot of fun.”


Concourse Exhibition Center
635 Eighth St.
San Francisco, CA
Event has passed

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