Natural Perfume & Cologne Classes in San Francisco

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Come learn how to make natural perfume & cologne, using organic essential oils, with Lindsay at Blue Dot Organics in San Francisco!

Go natural! Don’t buy synthetic fragrances!

Natural perfume is made with vodka, essential oils and/or jojoba oil, and without the hormone-disrupting synthetic chemicals of commercial perfumes**. We will discuss the differences between the types of natural fragrances (eau de cologne, eau de parfum & perfume) and you will be able to experiment with various essential oil combinations (distinguishing between base, middle & top notes) in order to customize & make your own natural liquid perfume or cologne and/or perfume balm (4 fl oz total).

** Alcohol allows the fragrance to emanate, so that those around you can actually smell it. 100 proof vodka is best to fully dissolve the essential oils and doesn’t have a strong smell that overpowers the essential oils; it can actually enhance or soften the fragrance of the perfume. If stored in a cool, dark place, then most alcohol-based blends will have an indefinite shelf life.

** “Top-selling fragrance products used by both women and men contain at least a dozen "secret" chemicals not listed on labels, finds a new analysis by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national coalition of health and environmental groups....Tests commissioned for the report, "Not So Sexy - The Health Risks of Secret Chemicals in Fragrance," found chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions or disrupt hormones. Hormone-disrupting chemicals are linked to a range of health effects including sperm damage, thyroid disruption and cancer.”

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If you don't find a date & time that work for you, just call or email Lindsay at 617-272-5842 & [email protected] to arrange your class at no extra cost!

Why take a class at BDO:

*100% hands-on
*small class sizes (4 person max)
*you'll go home with full size products - not sample sizes!
*the benefits of the various ingredients (e.g. oils, butters, essential oils, herbs, clays, salts) are discussed
*the products are customizable based on your needs & preferences
*all ingredients are either certified organic, untreated or ethically, wild-harvested
*offered every day of the week
*affordable prices, $25-140/person depending on the class

BDO offers a variety of classes:
*1-hr Lunch Break Classes - lunch is provided while you make 1 product ($35/person)
* 2-hr Prix Fixe Classes - make 2 products yourself ($65/person) & have a slot in a class
* 3-hr Prix Fixe Classes - make 3 products yourself ($90/person) & have a slot in a class
* Build-Your-Own Classes - make 1-5 products of your choice yourself ($30-140/person) & choose when you have the class
* Customizable Events - at Blue Dot Organics or at your office or home (starting at $25/person)

BDO’s Philosophy
Health. Community. Earth.

By taking this class, you are supporting:
-your Health by using a toxin-free product, made with organic ingredients and using safe preparation materials
-the Community because 10% of profits go to charity
-the Earth because Blue Dot Organics has a zero-landfill policy, uses as little plastic as possible, and most suppliers are on the west-coast
-a small business that puts ethics above profits


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Event has passed


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