MURDER MYSTERY Dinner Crawl! Dine at three Restaurants while solving the crime!

Sun Dec 11 (full schedule below)
Little Szechuan
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Solve the murder case while dining at 3 restaurants in North Beach with a group of travelers for appetizer salad, gourmet pizza, drinks, and dessert. Eat a different course at each place! $3 beers/wine along the way!

**NOTE: Please do NOT call Little Szechuan. We do not eat there and they are not involved with the event. We just meet outsite and then leave at 8:15pm after everyone is checked in***

This event is every Sunday! You must RSVP on meetup to attend (plus the meetup link below has updated menu and info since food items and restaurants are sometimes changed depending on the week):

We'll stay at each place for about 45 minutes before heading off to the next stop. Each course will be at a different restaurant. RSVP is *required* for planning purposes. You *must* meet us at the first place between 8PM and 8:15PM if you are planning to attend - please do not try and join us mid-way into the tour.

Meeting point: Little Szechuan - meeting point is *outside*

Restaurant #1 - Mixed green Thai spring salad topped with garlic noodles ($3 beers)

Restaurant #2 - Margherita Pizza ($3 beers/wine)

Restaurant #3 - Chocolate Eclairs & Cream Puffs ($3 beers/wine)

Please bring $11.75 in cash for the food, plus an extra $3.25 for tax/tips. This will cover all the food items listed above, as well as dessert. Both the food and tip money will be collected at the beginning of the evening and used to pay for everything together so that we can move quickly from place-to-place. As this will be a large group, the food items have been pre-organized - so there are NO FOOD SUBSTITUTIONS. Drinks can be purchased *individually* at each place. (This is to avoid having to waste time dividing up a bill for drinks). So please bring extra cash if you are planning to order drinks so that we don't have to wait for you to close out a credit card.

See you Sunday!


Little Szechuan
501 Broadway Street
San Francisco, CA
Sun Dec 11 (8PM)
Sun Dec 18 (8pm)

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  1. Little Szechuan
    501 Broadway Street, San Francisco, CA