blasthaus & IMEEM present

Motor (live) with Guns N Bombs

Sat Sep 22, 2007
Club Six - CLOSED
$12 - $15


After having toured with Nitzer Ebb and opening for Kraftwerk, one of Mute Record's busiest and hottest new acts, Motor, brings their industrial/punk/electronica back to SF for this special night which also features performance by LA's Guns n Bombs.

Motor's debut in 2006, ‘Klunk’, was a raw, bold and innovative album, packed with dark menacing grooves, corrosive industrial drumming, and the lost, tripped-out, cranial-bending atmosphere of a party that just won't stop. Their work on sophomore album, ‘Unhuman’, has developed their sound away from the continued metallic pummel of 2006's debut Klunk, and given it a bit more vocoder and a lot more soul. "It has more depth and is more mature. Musically we were always avant-garde. The first one was an experiment. Here we've pushed ourselves with a range of vocals and melodies which maybe we wouldn't have done with the first album," says Bryan.

Onstage, the Motor duo of Bryan Black and Mr. No take it to the next level by bringing XLover member and longtime collaborator Hugo Menendez into the fray. With Black on keyboards, Mr. No on drums, Menendez on keyboards and effects, and all three contributing vocals, the Motor live show is an unforgettable dancefloor-killing manifestation of the sweat-inducing, uncompromising, punk-laced music, a live incarnation of Motor’s two classic albums. Support comes from LA’s Guns N Bombs, also performing a live set, and local dance-floor killers Sleazemore (Lights Down Low) and Richard Oh?! (Big Stereo). Tickets available at


  1. Club Six - CLOSED
    60 6th St, San Francisco, CA