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Where is the Bay Area Now?
By Michelle Wallace (Jun 05, 2012)
When galleries and cities begin recurring art exhibitions, they make long term commitment to showcasing their region’s art well into the future. Twelve years ago, San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts committed to the Bay Area with the initiation of its triennial exhibition, Bay Area Now. Only this year, just four triennials in, they almost didn’t hold BAN 5. More »
An Exchange of Political Posters between artists from the Bay Area and artists from Puerto Rico
By Michelle Wallace (Oct 14, 2008)
In the past eight years, we have seen America steered wildly off-course: Abu Ghraib. Guantánamo. The Patriot Act. The War on Terror. An erosion of environmental policy. We voted in the candidate for change, the candidate that repudiated the Bush Doctrine, but where does that leave us? What is the state of our country, our democracy, our politics? The Art of Democracy is a national art coalition that aims to expand the dialogue on these questions. More »
By Michelle Wallace (Sep 31, 2008)
Mexicans celebrate their ancestors with Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead, a celebration that falls on All Saints and All Souls days of the Catholic calendar, and has roots in indigenous religions. Traditionally, on November 1st and 2nd, Mexicans visit the graves of their friends and relatives, bringing sugar skulls, marigolds, food and blankets to commemorate the dead. More »
Michelle Wallace's Articles
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