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Same Great Views, Even Better Food
By Michelle Sieling (Feb 21, 2008)
My motherís rule of thumb for restaurants is the nearer the water, the worse the food. Experience has shown that she is often right (Fishermanís Wharf), but sometimes wrong (Greens). In the case of the Mission Rock Cafť, now under new management and a new executive chef, Bronson Macomber (formerly of Gary Danko), my motherís rule is wrong. Sorry Mom. More »
Scandinavian Fashion for the San Francisco Lifestyle
By Michelle Sieling (Dec 25, 2008)
In a major metropolitan area where you can find at least a hundred different types of cuisines in 14 square miles, I wonder why you canít find just as many clothing stores with a regional influence as well. However, Flicka, a boutique stocked with Scandinavian goods on Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights is just that. When you think of Scandinavian products, you probably think of IKEA or even H&M. Scandinavian creations tend to be clean, modern, bold and affordable. Flicka encompasses most of that, except for the affordability. More »
Satisfy Your Bead Needs
By Michelle Sieling (Dec 07, 2008)
For any beading enthusiast or, for that matter, anyone looking to take up beading as a hobby, San Francisco has a variety of good places scattered around town to choose from. All seem to offer their own charms, but if you donít know where to start, a good place to visit is Forbeadiní on Church Street at 24th in Noe Valley. More »
Learn to cook with more flavor and flair at Two
By Michelle Sieling (Oct 09, 2007)
Saturday night is date night for my boyfriend and I. The tradition started when he first invited me over one night to eat a barbequed rack of ribs and a spinach salad. I decided to repay him the next weekend, so I toted over my well-worn copy of [b]The Greens Cookbook[/b] and nervously prepared my first dinner for him. In the following months, we settled into a system of him grilling the meat and me making the sides, though weíre always looking for new recipes to challenge ourselves or new techniques to improve on our favorites. More »
Creating Illuminating Works of Art
By Michelle Sieling (Sep 26, 2007)
While sitting in church as a kid, Iíd often daydreamed about the life of the biblical characters that were depicted in the tall stained glass windows. That is one of the original purposes of stained glass in churches: to teach the lessons of the bible to illiterate members of the congregation. In addition, the beauty of the light streaming through the glass was meant to inspire as pilgrims made their journey. Basically, its purpose is to invoke a different state of mind, one different from daily life. More »
A Noe Neighborhood Knitting Nirvana
By Michelle Sieling (Jul 03, 2007)
Thereís a new sisterhood at my work thatís been growing over the past year and itís made up of knitters. I only joined this club a little over a month ago. Iíve always heard that knitting was a fun and relaxing activity, but I was a little skeptical of that claim at first. I thought that learning something that looked complicated like knitting would cause me to pull my hair out more than it would put my mind at ease. More »
More Choices than Just Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny and Yellow Polka-Dots
By Michelle Sieling (Jun 06, 2007)
While riding my bike a couple months ago down 18th Street, I spotted a bikini store on the left hand side of the street. I really couldnít believe there was a bikini store in the Mission. Natives and visitors alike are well aware what kind of weather San Francisco is known for, and itís not beach weather. More »
Design To Put You in the Zone
By Michelle Sieling (Apr 24, 2007)
I was watching [b]Hustle & Flow[/b] the other night and found myself distracted for a second as Terrance Howardís character Djay passed through a colorful plastic curtain as he was about to throw his girlfriend and her stuff out the front door. Maybe the set designer didnít want me to pay too much attention to that curtain, but it was put there to tell me something. I was meant to feel that this man, who was struggling to keep on top of his life, was still trying to put a little flash into his space. Thatís probably what we all want in our own space, a little color, a little personality, and a little character to brighten our daily lives. More »
Resources for your urban refuge San Francisco
By Michelle Sieling (Apr 07, 2007)
In a city shrouded in fog for most of the year, rare sunny days bring San Franciscans outdoors in droves. Kicking back in your yard or on a back porch is a great way to escape the heat and noise of the dirty city streets. And though lounging in a backyard is lovely, being faced with tall weeds or a sad barren porch may drive you back inside onto your couch. Fortunately for San Franciscans, Floorcraft Garden Center and Guerrero Street Gardens have the tools, plants and experienced staff with the know-how to get your outside oasis ready for your enjoyment. More »
Bring a Bit of Spring Indoors
By Michelle Sieling (Mar 05, 2007)
Along with colored eggs, rabbits and yellow marshmallow Peeps, ďcolorfulĒ makes me think of Easter and the return of spring. Aside from the Peeps, all of those things symbolize the ideas of fertility, abundance and renewal associated with the season. Furthermore, fresh floral arrangements brighten your home and give one the feeling of hope associated with new beginnings. More »
Michelle Sieling's Articles
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