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New, Antiquarian and Collectible Books
By Michelle Sieling (Oct 14, 2008)
In a city obsessed with all things culinary, it seems strange that we didnít have a book store devoted to the topic of food before, but we do now. Just opened this past weekend is Omnivore Books on Food, located on Cesar Chavez Avenue at Church Street in Noe Valley. More »
Surprising Gifts Unfold Around Every Corner
By Michelle Sieling (Sep 31, 2008)
So many times I rode by the store Dandelion on the corner of Potrero Ave. and Alameda Street right on the edge of the Potrero Hill neighborhood but never stopped. I often made a mental note to myself to visit someday but never felt the urgency to because I thought Dandelion was just another gift shop. More »
Road-ready Riding Gear
By Michelle Sieling (Aug 20, 2008)
If you spend just a few minutes standing on Market St. in downtown San Francisco, itís likely you will spot a messenger bag with a black griffin on a red background. If you arenít already familiar with the ubiquitous logo, Iíd like to introduce you to Chrome Bags. More »
Fabrics to Make Your Creations Explode With Color and Design
By Michelle Sieling (Aug 05, 2008)
Over the past year you may have noticed a few new shops have popped up in the ActivSpace building on the corner of 18th and Treat Streets in the Mission. One of these stores is WhizBang Fabrics, where you can find new designer fabrics as well as some vintage ones, accessories, clothing patterns and Cookie and the Dude products. More »
Sunny Fish Taco Spot Expands to Meet Demand
By Michelle Sieling (Jun 25, 2008)
Until its recent expansion, El Metate's tiny dining room on Bryant near 22nd could barely accommodate its regular clientele of hipsters and local families, who'd spill out to the few sidewalk tables to wait for huge plates of fish tacos with fresh, delicious fixings. Is the magic still popping on this sunny Mission corner now that business has boomed? We snooped into the deep Mission to scope the situation. More »
Tailor-made Bicycles by Customer Choice
By Michelle Sieling (May 27, 2008)
In my suburban hometown, we had a bicycle shop not unlike the one in the episode of the Brady Bunch where Peter gets a job repairing bikes. Instead of Mr. Martinelli, though, we had a slight-of build French gentleman named Pierre who wore a blue smock and sold and repaired every kind of bike they could fit in the tiny store, from the tricycle to fancy road racers. More »
Cold Craft Beer at New Mission Hot Spot
By Michelle Sieling (May 20, 2008)
Opened in December 2007, The Monkís Kettle replaces a string of mediocre restaurant ventures at the (some would say cursed) corner of 16th and Albion. Despite a few missteps by staff and kitchen, its mid- to high-end "craft beer and wine tavern" concept is flourishing; with only eight tables and limited seating at the bar, the restaurant fills up quickly, with quite a wait at the door. More »
Making Science Fun For Kids
By Michelle Sieling (Apr 30, 2008)
New shops and restaurants have been popping up on the 22nd Street corridor in the Mission district between Dolores and Mission over the last year. But until now, there hasnít been much for kids. That was, until the new toy store Kid Tech moved into the neighborhood a few months ago on 22nd between Dolores and Valencia Streets. More »
A Collectorís Trifecta
By Michelle Sieling (Mar 22, 2008)
A good neighborhood shop should add complimentary color to a community. Customers should know that they can rely on the shop owners to carry the stock they need, plus bring them something new to surprise them. Bringing a new bold hue to Noe Valley, even on the foggiest of San Francisco days, is Neon Monster on Castro at 22nd, a collectorís haven for comic, record and toy enthusiasts. More »
Legs up to the Bar
By Michelle Sieling (Feb 21, 2008)
The newest addition to the Bar Method franchise just opened this past January on the lobby level of Embarcadero Three Center, between Drumm and Davis Streets. Its location makes it a perfect spot for all the downtown workers who like to incorporate a workout into their day but are in need of an alternative to the small selection of basic gyms scattered throughout the Financial District. More »
Michelle Sieling's Articles
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