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Mixing Unlikely Elements for Your Good Taste
By Michelle Sieling (Sep 09, 2009)
For those of you familiar with Rose and Radish from its days as a floral shop, you’ll have to change your mindset as the focus of the store has been altered. Now instead of floral design as the centerpiece, the store is devoted to facets of home design More »
For All Your Bee’s Needs
By Michelle Sieling (Jul 28, 2009)
Since the middle of the last century, San Francisco has been known for its progressive political beliefs. Over the past few decades, it’s also been identified as a foodie haven. It only seems natural that in a blending of the two the city’s residents have embraced the urban gardening phenomena, the movement toward sustainably raising a certain amount of your own food within the limits of a major city. More »
Transportation That’s a Real Treat
By Michelle Sieling (Jun 30, 2009)
Bike trends tend to come and go. One year it’s a hybrid bike, next year it’s a fixie. But one classic design that has lasted through the ages is the classic Dutch bike, the same kind you might see being pedaled through Amsterdam’s canal-lined streets. Often discounted for their heavy frames, these practical and reliable bikes move many of the residents of the Dutch capital from point A to point B daily without a lot of fuss. Bikes are used there by everyone for everything, in any type of weather, in any type of clothing. More »
Changing the Fashion Code
By Michelle Sieling (May 26, 2009)
Indulging your fashion desires can seem frivolous in a down economy, unless you’re making your own clothes or shopping second hand. But if you can still afford it, there are events like weddings, anniversaries, or snazzy shindigs that might warrant a brand new dress. More »
Do Not Pass Go
By Michelle Sieling (Apr 15, 2009)
I’m not going to lie -- I’m a geek for Gama-Go. I’ve been waiting for Gama-Go’s first retail store to open for quite a while. Rarely do I get this excited about a new store, but when they confirmed they were opening a retail space in SOMA on 8th Street at Folsom just downstairs from their old warehouse space, I couldn’t wait to get there. More »
Borrowing is No Longer Just for Bookworms
By Michelle Sieling (Mar 17, 2009)
Imagine you had a really cool bohemian aunt who had traveled the globe and every day you could go over to her house and lounge on her couch, play with her little dog, and borrow whatever you liked from her closet…for a monthly fee. That’s what La Library, which opened in February on Guerrero Street between 15th and 16th streets in the Mission is like. More »
Conversation Pieces That Will Woo More Than Just the Wee Ones
By Michelle Sieling (Feb 13, 2009)
Most San Franciscans already know and love the curiosity shop Paxton Gate in the Mission, full of unusual objects and conversation pieces that ignite the imagination. The same folks that brought you that fabulous store just opened in December their new venture, Paxton Gate’s Curiosities for Kids, just a block away from the original on Valencia Street near 19th Street. More »
Beautiful Blooms and Graceful Gifts
By Michelle Sieling (Jan 13, 2009)
Once again we’ve reached the time of year for red, white and pink window displays of boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers. The rose of course is the flower commonly associated with Valentine’s Day. Dating back to the 17th century, the theory goes that the red rose was chosen as it was the favorite flower of Venus. A single perfect red rose combined with baby’s breath is called a “signature rose” by florists and is the most common way that people demonstrate their love florally on Valentine’s Day. More »
Goodies for Your Pet
By Michelle Sieling (Dec 30, 2009)
Just this last November a new pet boutique named Cheengoo opened on Nob Hill at the corner of Clay Street and Mason Street. Oh wow, really, another overpriced pet boutique, you say? Don’t we have a bunch of them already? Well, we do, but here’s the thing. This place is not just chock full of cute stuff for your pet, it’s actually affordable. More »
Blending Brooklyn with the Bay
By Michelle Sieling (Dec 09, 2009)
What does Brooklyn style look like to you? People sometimes forget that Brooklyn is a big place, with styles shifting from neighborhood to neighborhood. When I think of Brooklyn, a few images different come to mind: a Williamsburg hipster, a Hasidic Jew in Borough Park, and even a Russian woman in a babushka in Brighton Beach’s “Little Odessa”. More »
Michelle Sieling's Articles
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