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Making the Crowd Hype
By Matt Crawford (Sep 30, 2008)
The three core members of the UKís Friendly Fires have collaborated musically for nearly 10 years, but it was only after the band adopted a dance-friendly rock beat over the past few years -- all the rage in these parts and abroad -- that it started gaining attention on this side of the Atlantic. After recently wrapping up its first headlining tour in the UK, the band is testing the U.S. market with an opening slot on Lykke Liís tour, which stops in San Francisco for a sold-out show at the Independent on November 1st. Friendly Fires vocalist Ed Macfarlane spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from a New York gig. More »
Living Big on the Road
By Matt Crawford (Sep 16, 2008)
Gregg Gillis, better known as the sampling whiz Girl Talk, is living large following the release of [b]Feed the Animals[/b], his latest album that features more than 250 pop music samples in 53 minutes. On his most recent tour, which stops at the Fillmore on October 27th and 28th, Gillis is bringing his Pittsburgh homies to warm up the stage, along with a couple of hype men to keep the party live. ďIím kind of living big time right now compared to my previous touring style,Ē he said during a phone interview from his fancy new tour bus at a venue parking lot in North Carolina. More »
SFís Children of Darkness
By Matt Crawford (Sep 10, 2008)
After performing behind its debut EP [b]Into A New Mausoleum[/b] for more than a year and a half, Veil Veil Vanish is preparing for a self-imposed sabbatical from the stage to hone several new songs that will be recorded for an LP. But first, the San Francisco-based quartet performs a handful of Bay Area shows, including a headlining spot at a special Halloween-themed Popscene gig on October 30th. The show also serves as a record release party for The Cure -- one of the bandís most apparent influences. Singer/guitarist Kevin Tecon spoke with SF Station during a phone interview. More »
Simplicity Equals Complexity
By Matt Crawford (Sep 07, 2008)
Four years after their last LP, Stereolab is back with [b]Chemical Chords[/b], a nod to 60s pop arrangements with layered horns, strings and vibrato guitar providing the backdrop for Laetitia Sadier's delicate French and English vocals. Tim Gane (guitars/keyboards) spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from the band's New York tour stop. Stereolab will perform at the Fillmore on October 21st and 22nd. More »
Listen to the Gospel
By Matt Crawford (Aug 26, 2008)
After rising from relative obscurity in Jacksonville, FL, to become the international buzz band of the moment, Black Kids return to San Francisco for a headlining gig at Great American Music Hall on October 13th. Fronted by lead vocalist Reggie Youngblood (his sister Ali is also in the group), Black Kids released their debut LP [b]Partie Traumatic[/b] on Columbia Records in July. Dawn Watley (keyboards/backup vocals) spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from a tour stop in Atlanta. More »
Man on a Mission
By Matt Crawford (Aug 18, 2008)
Mission of Burma helped shape post-punk for four blistering years until the band dissolved in 1983 after guitarist Roger Miller suffered from tinnitus. With only two studio recordings under its belt from that era, the bandís influence can be seen across the spectrum of more recent acts, from Nirvana to Moby (he covered ďThatís When I Reach for My RevolverĒ) to upstarts No Age. The band, which reformed in 2002, returns to San Francisco to perform its debut EP [b]Signals, Calls and Marches[/b] on September 26th and its first LP [b]Vs.[/b] on September 27th at The Independent. More »
Tune in at Treasure Island
By Matt Crawford (Aug 17, 2008)
The Treasure Island Music Festival returns September 21st and 22nd to mark the official end of the summer concert season with two days of music featuring Justice, The Raconteurs, Tegan & Sara, TV on the Radio, and several others. TV on the Radio keyboardist and producer David Sitek spoke with SF Station about [b]Dear Science[/b], the follow-up to the bandís breakthrough [b]Return to Cookie Mountain[/b], along with his role with Scarlett Johanssonís recent album of Tom Waits covers, and his affinity for Ferris wheels. More »
A Band on the Offensive
By Matt Crawford (Aug 12, 2008)
UK electro-rock group Does it Offend You, Yeah? brings its dance party back to San Francisco less than two months after opening for Bloc Party at The Fillmore. This time the group, which has been touring nearly constantly since the release of its debut LP [b]You Have No Idea What Youíre Getting Yourself Into[/b] was released in March, visits the Great American Music Hall for a headlining slot on September 18th. Drummer Rob Bloomfield spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from the road near Washington, D.C. More »
A Rocktastico Tour
By Matt Crawford (Aug 02, 2008)
With a trio of EPs that were self-released over the past year, San Franciscoís The May Fire is spreading its brand of poppy grunge rock on the Circo Rocktastico Tour, a six-week jaunt through the western U.S. and Midwest that also had a stop in Mexico. The tour, sponsored by an MTV offshoot that is geared toward Latino audiences, pairs the band with other groups with Latino heritage. It stops at the Red Devil Lounge on September 4th before continuing to several other Northern California stops. El Pipe (drums/vocals) spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from the road in Oklahoma. More »
A Monster Mash
By Matt Crawford (Jul 29, 2008)
After waiting to sign a record deal and self-releasing its first album amidst early industry buzz, San Franciscoís Birdmonster is back with From the Mountain to the Sea, its first release with indie record company Fader Label. Recorded in a studio sanctuary in the heart of the often-chaotic Tenderloin, the album provides an even mix of acoustic-electric arrangements with threads of straight-ahead indie rock, folk and cow punk. Guitarist David Klein spoke with SF Station during a phone interview before departing on the bandís first major tour in more than a year. Birmonster opens for Nada Surf on September 3rd at Great American Music Hall. More »
Matt Crawford's Articles
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